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ShortPixel vs. Imagify

ShortPixel vs Imagify 2023 - Which is the best image compression plugin for WordPress? ShortPixel is the solution that hundreds of thousands of users and businesses already trust when it comes to optimizing their images to boost the performance of their WordPress website.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer
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Compare ShortPixel with Imagify

Key Features
ShortPixel Image Optimizer
Bulk optimization
Backup of original files
Bulk restore backup
File size limit
Under 2MB for free plan, max 33MB for paid plans
100MB for both free/paid plans
Remove EXIF data
Optimize file on upload
Execute optimization through CRON jobs
Supported files
Resize large images
Exclude specific image sizes from optimization
WebP generation
Optimize images inside folders other than default Media Library
Integration with WP Retina 2x
WebP and AVIF delivery
Only WebP
PNG to JPG conversion
AVIF generation
Retina support
CMYK to RGB conversion
Exclude images from optimization based on patterns
Optimize unlisted thumbnails
Integration with Cloudflare, to avoid serving unoptimized images
Integration with WPML Media Translation add-on
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Start optimizing your WordPress images with ShortPixel today

Try ShortPixel for free for up to 100 images per month and discover all the features that can help you boost the performance of your WordPress website.

6 things ShortPixel can do vs. Imagify

Create and deliver AVIF files
Both ShortPixel and Imagify can create and deliver WebP files. However, ShortPixel is the only image optimization plugin that can create and deliver AVIF, a more versatile and lightweight image format.
Advanced exclusion patterns
Both ShortPixel and Imagify can exclude image sizes created by WordPress from optimization. However, ShortPixel also offers advanced exclusion patterns that let you exclude exactly the files you want.
Integration with Cloudflare
ShortPixel has an integration with Cloudflare that allows the plugin to update your images on Cloudflare as soon as they are optimized, to avoid serving cached, unoptimized images.
Pricing structure for all types of needs
Both ShortPixel and Imagify offer subscriptions, but ShortPixel also offers access to one-time packages for those who don't want to bother with subscriptions and need credits on the go.
All features are included with the free plan
Some features, such as PNG to JPEG conversion and a bigger file size limit are only available for Pro users with Imagify. You can use all the features with ShortPixel’s free plan.
Best balance between quality and image size
ShortPixel is the only WordPress plugin that uses smart compression technology to deliver original-looking images at the smallest possible size.

Why WordPress owners prefer ShortPixel to Imagify

Trusted by 1M+ users worldwide

ShortPixel is trusted by over 1M+ users and the Image Optimizer plugin is one of the most popular image optimization plugins for WordPress for good reason, with over 300 000 installs. Whether you have a small website and you’re looking to optimize a couple of images or have a library of hundreds of thousands of images, ShortPixel comes to the rescue with the tools you need.

Easy process. No headaches.

After installing and setting up the plugin, you can easily bulk-optimize the images already uploaded to your WordPress site, and set the plugin on autopilot to optimize the new images automatically.

Compatibility with other plugins

ShortPixel is built based on communication, trust, and deeply committed relationships with developers behind other plugins and services, and integrates well with various popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, WP Offload Media, NextGen & Foo galleries, Gravity Forms, and many more.

Customer centricity and 24/7 support

ShortPixel users love that they can chat with support 24/7 via email or access a well-documented knowledge base, giving them the flexibility of getting the help they need. Support is available equally to all free and paying users to answer any questions.

Discounted pricing plans

With ShortPixel, you can pay for a monthly plan or sign up to pay yearly and get 2 months free. Besides that, you can take advantage of various deals and offers across the year to grab more credits.

Access to various other tools

Besides the Image Optimizer plugin for WordPress, ShortPixel comes with various other tools, such as the Adaptive Images plugin, Google Drive Optimizer, Archive Optimizer, on-the-fly solutions, and APIs for flawless image delivery. All can be used with the free quota allocated on monthly basis, as well as the plans/packages purchased.

Friendly to agencies

If you are an agency or developer in charge of maintaining a WordPress site, you can create sub-accounts for your customers and manage them easily via ShortPixel’s website dashboard.

Win-win: Affiliate and referral program

Join ShortPixel’s thriving affiliate program and receive 30% in commissions for all sales, or get free credits by referring your friends.

Start using ShortPixel today!

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