For larger compression needs, enterprise plans are available. Contact us and we'll work it out.

New optimization power for your website

Are you using WordPress?

To simplify the API setup, we developed the ShortPixel plugin for WordPress websites.
The plugin takes care of the image history on your website. With ShortPixel handling compression, even hosting fees will go down.

Have more questions? Check out the Developer API or Contact us.


  • How does ShortPixel work? After sign up, you will receive a unique key for using the ShortPixel API. You can use the API key to activate the ShortPixel WordPress plugin that processes both old and new images automatically. You can also use the API in your own applications, Documentation API shows you how.
  • What happens after I optimize the 100 FREE images? If you exhaust your free image quota, ShortPixel will stop optimizing. You will have to wait for the next month's quota when your plan will renew.
  • How does the one-time plan work? After the free sign up, you can purchase a one-time plan for processing you images. You can use it for bulk optimizing your past gallery, or for optimizing new images uploaded to your website. The process is different because you pay for it only once. This plan is recommended for websites that have a large galley that needs to be optimized.
  • What happens with my images on your servers? The optimized images are kept on our servers for four hours to be downloaded. After this time the images are deleted according to the standards. The images are separately kept and processed for each customer to prevent any unautorized access.
  • Where is the backup folder located? Your original images are saved in a backup folder located on your server at: /wp-content/uploads/ShortpixelBackups/
  • Will I be able to change or cancel my plan later? Yes, you can do this any time you want. Upgrade, downgrade or get additional one-time plans. You can manage everything from your account.
  • How can I pay? We accept PayPal payments and credit card. If you cannot pay by any of these two means, please contact us and will work out a solution.
  • How do monthly subscriptions work? After sign up, you can upgrade to the Short or Large monthly plans. Short and Large plans give you access to larger image quotas that renew automatically each month. After purchasing a monthly subscription, the billing happens automatically each month until you decide to cancel your payments.
  • I want more! The easiest way to quickly process more images, is to buy several one-time plans. With each purchase, the one-time plans will add up to your quota.
    If you need even more, we can accommodate any demands. Contact us and we can choose together one of our enterprise plans tailored for your business.
Have more questions? Check out the Developer API or Contact us.
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