Tools and Developer APIs

Our service is based on a Software-As-A-Service model, in which the image optimization is offered via an API from our Cloud. We are constantly working on providing our customers with more options to use our services, in order to save them the effort to implement themselves the calls to our API and to support more advanced needs, as for example optimizing an entire images folder and monitoring changes to that folder. Our services can currently be accessed through several tools and APIs. We are also planning to add other tools as Client Libraries for Java and Ruby, App for Shopify, Plugin for Magento and a mobile app. If you need to access our service via any of these and it's not yet listed below, please contact us as we might have a development version in progress.

Website Tools

WordPress Plugin

If your site uses WordPress, the ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin gets you up and running in seconds, optimizing all your past images with a push of a button and all your new images automatically.

Adaptive Images WP Plugin

The ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin analyzes the pixel size of the image's container and replaces the original image with a version scaled down to the needed size and then optimized, and served from a global CDN.

ShortPixel Website Optimizer

The ShortPixel Website Optimizer offers a straightforward web interface to our API, available to any PHP website (Magento, Joomla, Drupal, custom brew, etc) and allows the optimization of the site's image folders.

ShortPixel Command Line Tool

The ShortPixel Command Line Tool can optimize image folders from the command line, so it can be configured as a Cron (or other task scheduler) job.

Client Tools

ShortPixel App for Android

The ShortPixel Photo Optimizer App lets you optimize the photos in your Android phone Gallery making room for up to 5x more photos.


The ShortPixel App for GoogleDrive™ allows you to shrink images and PDFs located in Google Drive, from your user space @ ShortPixel.

SHORTPIXEL Archive Optimizer

The ShortPixel Archive Optimizer allows you to shrink images by uploading them as a zip archive, into your user space @ ShortPixel.


The Zapier App allows you to shrink images located on Dropbox / Google Drive folders via a ZAPIER connected workflow.
It works as an invitation-based BETA - click here to get your invitation.

Developer Tools

Reducer API

This API allows you to shrink an image based on the URL of the image. You can call it from any programming language that allows you to send an HTTP POST request. The image has to be available online in order to be shrunk via this API.
PHP, JavaScript and .NET examples available.

Post-Reducer API

This API allows you to shrink an image that is not accessible online, by uploading it to our servers via a POST HTTP call. You can call it from any programming language that allows you to send an HTTP POST request.
PHP, .NET and Python examples available.

PHP Client Library

The PHP Client Library features quick configuration and an easy fluent syntax for accessing our services, thus greatly reducing your implementation time.

.NET Client Class

The .NET Client Library provides a fast method to integrate ShortPixel's services into your .NET project, thus greatly reducing your implementation time. Examples included.

Adaptive Images JavaScript

Easily benefit from optimized Adaptive Images and CDN on any website by integrating our JavaScript module and making minor changes to the markup*.
(* developer needed).

Adaptive Images API

Use this API if you want to have your images resized, optimized and converted to Next-gen formats (e.g. WebP/AVIF) on-the-fly and optionally also stored and served from our CDN. This API can be used on any website, especially with the help of the Adaptive Images JavaScript.

Third Party Developer Tools

Ruby Gem

Ruby bindings for the ShortPixel API.


Laravel 5+ wrapper for the ShortPixel API