Why you cannot choose the compression ratio with ShortPixel

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Short answer: Because you really don’t need to.

Our artificial intelligence compression algorithms compare each and every optimized image with the original and make sure that they are looking good for a human visitor. Moreover, we have three sets of algorithms for three different user cases: Lossy for most of the sites, Glossy for photographers, and Lossless for those rare situations when you cannot lose a pixel.

If you are used with offline tools like Adobe Photoshop, you could expect to find similar settings in our plugin menu.  Or in our online image optimization tool for that matter. That’s why we are asked from time to time if there is a way to set the compression ratio.

Long answer:


Why ShortPixel doesn’t have a compression ratio setting (long answer)


1. ShortPixel automatically compresses your images. You don’t have to analyze each image and tweak its compression settings. When you have hundreds or maybe thousands of pictures (not to mention hundreds of thousands!), you appreciate the convenience of automation.

2. Even if you are a photographer and you edit your images individually, our plugin optimizes them for the Web, and also compress the thumbnails generated by WordPress. Dealing with each thumbnail is an almost impossible task, and our users are happy that we take care of their compression.

3. ShortPixel uses smart image compression algorithms which analysis different image parameters before optimizing it. Each image is different. So, a fixed compression ratio would mean that some images will be under-compressed, while other will be over-compressed.

4. Our algorithms processed more than 212 million images. We tested them over and over, and you can trust them to do their job.

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