ShortPixel image optimization subaccounts for design agencies and consultants

ShortPixel subaccounts

If you create or maintain other people’s websites, you will be happy to find that we built a feature to help you deal with the image optimization for your clients.

Now, you can easily create subaccounts for your customers. The new ShortPixel section lets you:

1. Generate API keys for your clients.
2. Set you clients quota.
3. Check how many credits are left in your main account.

Important: this tool works only for one-time credits!


How to use ShortPixel subaccounts.
A use case.

Let’s say you are an agency, and you have 100,000 image optimization credits in your ShortPixel account. There are three new clients for which you just created WordPress sites: a flower boutique, a personal blog for an artist and an online bookshop.

Your clients image optimization needs vary and you need to set a different ShortPixel quota for each of them.

1. The flower boutique has 300 existing images, and 1,800 thumbnails.
2. The artist has 600 uploaded images in his Media Library and 3,000 thumbnails. You could use Glossy optimization method for this client.
3. The online bookshop has 2,000 products, each with 3 different thumbnails.

If you want to optimize all their existing images, you need:

2,100 credits for the flower boutique.
3,600 credits for the artist.
8,000 for the bookshop.


How to add a new client

Go to your ShortPixel account and point to the new Subaccounts section. Add an account for each client, one by one.

Add the name of your client and the number of the image optimization credits. We start with the flower boutique.

1st subaccount Image optimization.

After the account was created, you will see its details bellow the Create Subaccount button. Notice the API key of your new subaccount. You will need it to validate the ShortPixel plugin installed on your client website.

subaccount details
You repeat the process for the artist blog.

2nd subaccount Image optimization.
And for the online Bookshop.

3rd subaccount Image optimization.
Congratulation, you have three new accounts, one for each of your new clients:

subaccounts list

ShortPixel subaccounts menu

1. The remaining credits. Here you can see how many credits you can use or distribute to your clients.
2. Name of you subaccount. This is important only for you. Use a descriptive name so you could find the subaccount easier.
3. The credits number. You cannot add more credits than you have.
4. This part is very important. Here you can: delete the account, change a subaccount quota, see how many credits your client spent, and open the optimization report of your subaccount.

subaccounts menu

We are sure that the new feature will help you and your clients deal with image compression in an easier and clearer way.

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