Monthly packages vs one-time plans

Do I have to pay monthly or one time? 

We offer both options. One-time credits never expire, but with monthly plans you pay less per credit and the credits are automatically replenished each month. Check out our pricing here.

When can I cancel a monthly plan? 

Whenever you want. The credits you have remaining for the current billing period will remain available until the end of the billing period. After that period ends, you will not be charged for anything and the plan will revert to the free plan.

In what order are the credits used?

The monthly credits are always used first, and when those credits are used up, the one-time credits, if available, are used. That is, if you have both a monthly and a one-time plan, the one-time credits will be used only when needed.

Please note that both one-time and monthly credits can be used for multiple websites.

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