Monthly plans vs Credits packages vs Unlimited plan

Websites Expiration CDN WebP AVIF Stackable
Monthly plans Unlimited After 30 days 1 credit=5MB
Yes Yes No
Credits packages (one-time credits) Unlimited Never (one-time use) 1 credit=5MB Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited plan 1 After 30 days
Unlimited traffic
Yes No No

* Websites = number of different domains allowed under the same plan.
* Expiration = number of days the credits are available for use. After expiration, a new billing cycle begins.
* CDN = amount of CDN traffic available.
* WebP = i
ndicates whether the plan allows WebP creation using one of the ShortPixel tools.
* AVIF = indicates whether the plan allows AVIF creation using one of the ShortPixel tools.
* Stackable = indicates if it is possible to purchase more than one plan/package for the same account.

What is a credit?

It depends.

If you use our credits to store your images or resources in our CDN using ShortPixel Adaptive Images (SPAI), Autoptimize or our Adaptive Images API, then 1 credit is equivalent to 5 MB of CDN traffic. Here's how SPAI counts the credits, for example.

If you use one of our other products, e.g. ShortPixel Image Optimizer (SPIO) or our Archive Optimizer, 1 credit = 1 image. Here's how SPIO counts the credits, for example.

Do I have to pay monthly or once?

We offer both options. One-time credits (credits packages) never expire, but with monthly plans you pay less per credit and the credits are automatically replenished every month. Check out our pricing here. If you only need to optimize one website and do not care about AVIF, then you may be interested in the $9.99/month unlimited plan. For more information on each plan type, see the related articles at the end of this article.

Can I buy a monthly plan and an unlimited plan at the same time?

No, you cannot. If you need to do this, feel free to register a new account for the unlimited plan.

When can I cancel a monthly plan?

Whenever you want. Your remaining balance for the current billing period will remain available until the end of the billing period. After this period, you will not be billed and the plan will revert to the free plan.

An unlimited plan is also technically a monthly plan, so once you cancel it will remain active until the end of the billing cycle. After that, you will return to the free plan as well.

In what order are the credits used?

The monthly credits from regular monthly plans are always used first, and when those credits are used up, the one-time credits, if available, are used. That means if you have both a regular monthly plan and some one-time credits, the one-time credits will only be used when needed.

Please note that an unlimited plan works separately. That means an unlimited plan optimizes the single site of your choice, while your one-time credits optimize the rest of your sites. Also remember that you cannot have an unlimited plan and a regular monthly plan under the same account.

Do these plans allow to create WebP and/or AVIF images?

Yes, of course! With the exception of the unlimited plan, which only allows for WebP (not AVIF), all the plans allow for WebP and AVIF. Here's some useful resources:

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