Google Drive Optimizer

Make space and store up to five times more images or PDFs on your Google Drive, without compromising on quality.

The space on your Google Drive is limited, either if you use the free tier or even if you use a paid account, if you need to store a lot of images and PDF documents. Make sure you don't get over the quota and store a lot more images in the same space by letting ShortPixel optimize your Google Drive images in the background.

Free up to 100 images/mo. Unlimited plan at $9.99/mo.

How it works?


Optimizes your files and folders

Download ShortPixel downloads the images, PDFs and videos you selected, and optimizes them on our servers.
Download Your data is safe as we always use encrypted connections.

Updates the files on Google Drive

Download ShortPixel uploads to Google Drive the optimized files and overwrites the originals.
Delete Once optimized, the files are removed from our servers.
Alert To update your files, ShortPixel needs read/write access to your Google Drive.

You are in control

History You can always restore the previous versions of your files by accessing Google Drive History.
Options After the files are rewritten, you can, at any time, revoke ShortPixel's read/write access to your drive. You can do that from your Google account settings.
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Included in all plans

SmartCompress image optimization

Lossy/Glossy/Lossless algorithms

Automatic conversion to WebP/AVIF

Bulk optimization

BMP, TIFF auto-conversion

PNG, BMP, TIFF conversion to JPEG

EXIF management

Animated GIF to to animated WebP/MP4 conversion

24/7/365 support

WP-CLI support

Select individual thumbnail sizes to be optimized

Advanced optimization exclusion

CMYK to RGB conversion

Compatible with WordPress multisite install

API KEY aliases - ideal for agencies

Fully compatible with the WP Offload Media plugin

Compatible with WPML and WPML Media plugins

GDPR compliant

Direct integration with Cloudflare by using a Cloudflare Token

Image optimization leads to happy
internet users

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Plenty of features await you

Image Quality
Choose image
optimization level
Filesize limit
100MB filesize limit
Scale down
Automatically scale down
large images
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