Google Drive Optimizer

ShortPixel Google Drive ™ Optimizer is a new web-based tool that reduces the amount of space your images and PDF files occupy on your cloud drive.
Usually the unprocessed images from your camera or mobile device can be reduced by over 80%, while the PDF files can be optimized by around 50%.

How to use it?

ShortPixel - Sign-up page.

Step 1: Create an account with ShortPixel. It is very easy and includes a FREE plan of 100 credits/month.
Login here if you already have an account.

ShortPixel - Select Google Drive from menu.

Step 2: Choose "Google Drive" from the menu:

ShortPixel - grant access for ShortPixel on your Google Drive.

Step 3: Allow the ShortPixel™ Google Drive App access to your Google Drive files and folders.*

Select the optimization options and get started.

Step 4: Click on the ... menu of the folder you want to optimize. Select the right optimization options for you and start optimizing.

Do you have any questions?

For more information please check our ShortPixel Google Drive FAQ or contact us.