Image compression for WooCommerce powered stores

Image Optimization for Woo Commerce

Image compression is fundamental for any website, but this is especially true for e-commerce websites. Over 3 million sites are built with WooCommerce platform, the competition is fierce, and any weakness could kill a business.

Why is image compression so important for online shops?

WooCommerce is one of the best things happened to WordPress community. Millions of users can open their own shop within their WordPress site in an easy and reliable way. But, no matter how small or big such shops are, they will have a lot of images on the same page. This means that your nice looking online store has huge webpages.

If your images are not compressed, then these huge web pages will be painfully slow for visitors and they will leave your shop in a big hurry. Lost visitors = Fewer customers.

So, unoptimized image means lost money.

ShorPixel Image optimization for WooCommerce powered stores

ShortPixel works well with WooCommerce solutions and it optimizes the product images served by it. If you don’t use ShortPixel yet, go and sign-up for a free monthly account. It comes with 100 free image optimization credits per month.

Image compression for Woo Commerce

But, if you have a lot of images, then a paid plan could be a better solution, and we have monthly plans and one-time plans. Before deciding which plan is the best for you, give ShortPixel plugin a try!

Here is how you can start to use ShortPixel right away:

1. Sign-up for a free account, and get your API key.
2. Install ShortPixel plugin from your WordPress dashboard. In order to do this, go to the Plugins section, click Add plugin button, search “ShortPixel” and click Install. All this process takes only a few seconds.
3. Open ShortPixel settings panel and validate your API key. After that, you are ready to compress images either from the Media Library (use list view), either from ShortPixel bulk.

Happy sales! 🙂

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