The all-new re-optimization functions in ShortPixel

In our latest and greatest plugin version – 3.3.0 – we worked hard to bring you some key features that offer more control to the way you optimize your images.

Let me do a quick pass through the most important ones:

• The Re-optimization buttons in the Media Library that appear next to each image let you change the type of image optimization from lossy to lossless and back for a specific image (the column now also displays what kind of optimization was used for each file). This button is only available if the image has a backup, because the re-optimization has to be done on the original image.

• If you have chosen not to optimize the thumbnails, you will also see a button that enables you to optimize the thumbnails for a specific image.

• The Bulk Optimization process is now able to handle these situations as well. If, after optimizing all your images, you change your settings (from lossless to lossy for example), then open the Bulk ShortPixel page and do a Restart Optimizing, all the lossless images will be re-optimized with the new setting.

• Also if you optimized your main images without thumbnails and then you decide that your thumbnails also could use some optimization, just go to the Bulk ShortPixel page, check the Include thumbnails box and Restart Optimizing – all the thumbnails will be optimized as well.

What are these new functions good for?

Let’s assume that you optimized your images losslessly trying to stay on the safe side, but then, for some images, especially big ones, you would like to try a more effective optimization. Or you optimized them lossy and you spot a particular image for which the quality is not that good – this hardly ever happens but still – in this case you can just re-optimize that one as lossless to make it shine again.

What happens with your credits when you re-optimize an image with a different setting (lossless/lossy)?

The re-optimization process will normally use up one credit per optimized image. There is a case, though, when you keep your credits, and I’ll explain it: when we are optimizing an image we do both lossy and lossless optimization in the same time and they are kept on our servers for four hours. This means that in this interval, if you re-optimize your image, the existing already optimized images will be downloaded by our plugin and no credits will be consumed.

I’ll conclude by inviting you to make use of these new functions and tell us what you think. Last but not least, Happy Optimizing! 🙂

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      thanks for your message, sorry to hear about this issue.
      I’ll contact you directly over email to we can figure out what is wrong with this and fix it.

      • I am also having problems with the plugin.

        I can only go to the general page in settings.

        The rest are not clickable and gives me this as a link javascript:void(0);

        Can any body help me figure this out or know how to fix it.

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