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Yes, it is here! ShortPixel is releasing a brand new app. Introducing ShortPixel Photo Optimizer for Android!

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Do you have a smartphone and take a lot of pictures? Oh, it’s 2021 already… We will rephrase: you do have a smartphone and take a lot pictures, and that’s why the new app will be extremely useful. Your phone does not have infinite disk space, and neither does the cloud. It is not strange to find your phone or your cloud account (Google Photos, OneDrive, iCloud…) out of space after a few months or years.

That is especially true in Google Photos’ case. We thought they would offer free space forever, but we already saw the party is going to be over very soon

So… what does ShortPixel Gallery Optimizer for Android do?

Our newly created app does what we do best: using the power of ShortPixel‘s algorithms, it optimizes the images you have on your phone so they consume less disk space. You even have our 3 famous compression methods: Lossy, Glossy and Lossless. This way you can choose the quality you want to have.

After the app optimizes the images, you will have effectively reduced the space your pictures take from your phone or from your favorite online service.

Here’s a list of the awesome features included in the app:

  • Optimize images using 3 different quality methods
  • Can work on WiFi only or with mobile data as well
  • You can choose to keep a backup of the original image
  • Remove EXIF data
  • Resize the images to the desired size
  • You can visually compare the results
  • See how much space you saved
  • Bulk optimize or optimize one by one

How to install it?

That’s very easy! Just go to the Google Play Store, look for “ShortPixel Gallery Optimizer” and install the app! Or you can click on this button.

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Once installed, open it, go to the Settings page…

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…click on the “API Key” field…

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…and insert your API Key. This API Key is a unique number that is sent to you upon signing up with ShortPixel.

How much can I optimize?

Each image consumes one credit, and the free account of ShortPixel gives you 100 free credits per month. Therefore, every month you can optimize 100 images/month for free!

If you need more than 100 credits, you can purchase more from

  1. Sign up if you didn’t do it yet.
  2. Log into your account
  3. Go to Plans & Pricing
  4. Purchase your desired plan
  5. That’s it, just make sure your API Key is entered on the app as explained above.

You can purchase credits whenever you want, there’s no limits!

Share it!

Do you want more free credits? Soon we will be giving away free credits to all people sharing the app. So go ahead and share it!

Download ShortPixel Image Optimizer for Android now!

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