Regenerate Thumbnails Advanced plugin – beta testers wanted!

bannerLast year we took over the development of Regenerate Thumbnails Advanced plugin and spent a lot of time and effort on rewriting the plugin from scratch. We are quite pleased with the results as we added some new and useful features  like “Delete Associated Thumbs” that can be very useful to clean up old-and-not-anymore-used thumbnails that just take up disk space.

rta demoWe invite you to give this new plugin a try and see how it works for your website.  You can download it from here and just install it on your blog.
If you don’t feel comfortable to test a BETA plugin on your production website you can install it on a sandbox system.

Making a backup of your website before testing is recommended and generally a good idea 🙂

Once you’ve tested it we invite you to share your experience (and bugs :-)) with us here or via email at

Thank you!

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