Kinsta WordPress Hosting: The Best WordPress Managed Hosting In 2024?

Choosing the ideal hosting service for your WordPress website can significantly influence your site’s performance, security, and overall development workflow.

A premium managed WordPress hosting provider can improve your online presence through advanced technology and powerful features.

Kinsta WordPress hosting is the market leader among these service providers because it has superior performance and extensive WordPress-specific tools.

In this article, we will provide a hands-on review of Kinsta’s hosting, with a focus on its services, performance, and user experience.

Kinsta WordPress Hosting Service

Kinsta is one of the most premium WordPress managed hosting services available. It has a solid reputation for providing fast, secure, stable, and user-friendly hosting services.They also provide services beyond WordPress and offer an environment to deploy applications, databases, and static sites.

Premium because it only offers managed hosting services, and Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform’s Premium Tier network with the latest and fastest C2 and C3D machines to ensure its hosting services are dependable and optimized for speed and scalability.

It enables Kinsta WordPress hosting to provide a global network of server locations, ensuring that websites hosted on their platform load quickly regardless of the audience’s location.

my kinsta dashboard of kinsta wordpress hosting
My Kinsta dashboard

Specialized Managed Hosting for WordPress Sites

Kinsta, as a managed WordPress hosting provider, simplifies WordPress site management by taking care of technical aspects such as site security, updates, and scalability.

Their platform is designed with WordPress-specific optimizations, making it an ideal choice for businesses, bloggers, and developers who demand peak performance and minimal downtime. 

One great thing about Kinsta WordPress hosting is that it has an easy-to-use management dashboard that simplifies tasks like creating sites, managing backups, and keeping an eye on their performance. Super helpful for non-technical users who need advanced hosting.

They also provide numerous features for developers; with the help of Kinsta API, users can automate site maintenance tasks such as site creation, reporting, or clearing cache.

my kinsta dashboard analytics of kinsta wordpress hosting
My Kinsta dashboard analytics

Performance and Reliability

Kinsta WordPress hosting delivers top-notch performance and reliability, ideal for businesses and individuals who prioritize speed, security, and expert support for their WordPress websites.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes it so good:

  • Guaranteed uptime:  Kinsta offers a 99.9% SLA-backed uptime guarantee, ensuring that websites are accessible and operational nearly all the time.It implements automatic scaling to handle sudden spikes in traffic, preventing downtime. They also run regular uptime checks every 3 minutes.
  • Server response time: The server architecture is speed-optimized with the latest technology, such as Nginx and PHP 8+. Performance tests show server response times of a few milliseconds to several hundred milliseconds, depending on location.
  • Page speed boost: It uses server-level caching and a built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) with 260+ PoPs to reduce page load times. Automatic image and static file optimization speed up user delivery.  Through an enterprise-level Cloudflare integration available for free, users can further enhance performance by enabling the Edge Caching and Early Hints features. 
  • Global Expansion: Kinsta WordPress hosting continues expanding its data center network, now offering 36 locations worldwide, improving latency for visitors across the globe.
  • CDN Integration: Seamless integration with Cloudflare, a premium Content Delivery Network, further enhances website loading times, especially for international audiences.
  • Scalability: PHP workers are auto-scaled based on website demand to maintain performance, and instant scalability options are available to handle traffic spikes without manual intervention. Also, LXD containers isolate resources, preventing site traffic spikes from affecting others.
  • Enhanced Redundancy: Kinsta WordPress hosting actively adopts Google Cloud Platform’s multi-regional deployments, offering additional safety nets in case of hardware failures.
  • DDoS Protection: Advanced DDoS protection powered by Cloudflare safeguards websites against malicious attacks.
  • Enterprise-level Cloudflare integration: the integration is available on all plans at no cost. The integration contributes to a faster and more secure environment through firewall, DDoS protection, wildcard SSL certificates, global CDN network, Edge Caching and Early Hinst features, HTTP/3 support, and more. 
kinsta wordpress hosting infrastructure
Kinsta WordPress hosting infrastructure

Security Measures

Kinsta WordPress hosting is proactive about website security. They ensure websites are safe from the most common vulnerabilities, giving users peace of mind.

Kinsta prioritizes security, implementing measures like continuous monitoring, DDoS protection, and automatic backups to protect websites from potential threats. 

If you have any problems, Kinsta’s expert WordPress support team is available around the clock to help you quickly and efficiently.

Let’s look into some of its key features:

  1. Enterprise-level firewall and DDoS protection: Uses GCP and Cloudflare firewalls to prevent hacking and DDoS attacks.
  2. Premium tier network: Provides secure data transport over Google’s global network, with a security model refined over 15 years.
  3. Complete isolation technology: Every site runs in a separate container, ensuring private, non-shared resources and better security.
  4. Malware Security Pledge: Kinsta’s team monitors daily traffic for threats and offers up-to-date protection, and if a site is hacked, they work with the owner to do the fixes and recover the site.
  5. SSL certificate with wildcard support: Encrypts and protects data exchange and includes wildcard domain support for multisite WordPress setups.

Customer Support

Kinsta WordPress hosting has a dedicated customer support team of WordPress experts ready to help with any questions or problems. 

You can get their assistance 24/7/365 whether you need help with troubleshooting, best practices, or moving a site.

Deep Dive into Kinsta Static Site Hosting

kinsta static site hosting
Kinsta Static Site Hosting

Static site hosting has become a symbol of speed, security, and efficiency in web hosting. Likewise, Kinsta WordPress hosting entered into application, database, and static site hosting. The Kinsta Static Site Hosting service offers you to host up to 100 static sites for free!

kinsta wordpress hosting static site deployment
Kinsta static site deployment

The Kinsta WordPress hosting free static site package offers you,

  • 100 sites overall
  • In 260+ global edge locations
  • 1GB size limit/site
  • 100 GB bandwidth monthly
  • 600 build minutes

Let’s look at some of the key takeaways from Kinsta’s static site hosting packages.

  • Global edge network deployment: Using Cloudflare’s global network of over 260 locations, Kinsta Static Hosting delivers static sites closer to users for improved speed and performance.
  • Support for static site generators: Kinsta includes multiple static site generators, enabling Git-based workflows, automatic deployments, redeployment, environment variables, and an API for managing static sites.
  • Security and SSL Certificates for Custom Domains: Adding custom domains to Kinsta issues and updating SSL certificates, ensuring robust security for hosted sites.
  • Integration with development tools: Kinsta integrates with GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket for easy site updates, resulting in smooth and efficient development.
my kinsta workflow with cloudflare global distribution
My Kinsta workflow using Cloudflare global distribution.

Also, Kinsta WordPress hosting plans to improve its static site hosting in the future by adding support for serverless functions, more API support, and more. 

DevKinsta for Streamlined WordPress Development

devkinsta wordpress localhost development tool by kinsta
Dev Kinsta localhost development tool

DevKinsta is a comprehensive suite of local development tools designed for Mac and Windows users, enabling accessible building, development, and testing of WordPress sites locally. Kinsta offers it for free to everyone, not just Kinsta WordPress hosting customers.

DevKinsta facilitates easy site creation, development, and testing. It incorporates a full hosting stack, including Nginx, MariaDB, and the latest WordPress versions, with a single-click setup​​​​.

dev kinsta site testing
Dev Kinsta site testing

It eases your development workflow with one-click local site creation, offline development, plugin and theme building, and an email and database manager for testing and debugging. 

Devkinsta is a Docker-powered application. It secures and isolates environments for each site, providing a performance advantage over traditional virtualization methods.

devkinsta website dashboard
Dev Kinsta website dashboard

The alignment with the DevKinsta local development tool ensures that sites on your locally created WordPress website can be deployed to Kinsta’s hosting platform with minimal changes, shortening the development process.

Using Kinsta WordPress hosting, you can easily manage your website and web projects through the MyKinsta dashboard. It has a modern UI and supports 10 languages, making local WordPress management and application, database, and static site deployments seamless development accessible globally.

devkinsta wordpress tool PHP version switch
Dev Kinsta PHP versions

Some key features of DevKinsta:

  1. One-Click site creation: Create local WordPress sites with a single click, including automatic configuration of Nginx, PHP, and MySQL.
  2. Built-in database manager: Uses Adminer for lightweight and efficient database management, including table editing, backup import/export, and SQL query execution.
  3. HTTPS support locally: Check and build your WordPress site safely with DevKinsta’s local HTTPS support.
  4. Built-in email testing: Includes a robust SMTP server and email inbox for analysis and debugging.
  5. WordPress error logging: Look into PHP errors using the built-in WP_DEBUG toggle.
  6. Global deployment: Direct deployment to one of Kinsta’s global data centers​​.
  7. PHP version switching: Supports multiple PHP versions and allows you to switch and test against the latest PHP releases​​.
  8. Seamless integration with MyKinsta: Kinsta WordPress hosting users can easily download, edit, and push live sites back to the staging environment using MyKinsta. 
mykinsta integration with devkinsta
My Kinsta integration with Dev Kinsta

Real-World Application and Success Stories

The combination of Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting and static site generation changes our perspective on how to make websites faster, safer, and more scalable. 

Kinsta’s robust infrastructure is  great for WordPress users and developers who want ease of use and seamless site management and deployments.

Contact Form 7 Cuts Hosting Costs by 66%

Contact Form 7, the popular WordPress plugin with over 200 million downloads, was having a great run. 

However, they suffered from WP Engine’s unexpected traffic surges and shared server limitations, which caused high costs and performance issues for the plugin.

contact form 7 cuts hosting cost by 66% using 
Contact Form 7 CEO testimonial

Mr. Miyoshi, the creator and owner of Contact For 7, switched to Kinsta WordPress hosting in Spring 2023 for faster performance and lower costs on their managed hosting services.

The switch to Kinsta WordPress hosting reduced Contact Forms 7’s hosting fees by 66% and improved site speed, highlighting the importance of choosing the right hosting provider.

Strong Kinsta Support Allows ClickUp to Focus on Blog Growth

ClickUp, a productivity software company, has focused on content creation by partnering with Kinsta WordPress hosting for WordPress blog hosting.

They wanted a reputable third-party service to handle the technical aspects of their WordPress-based blog, allowing their team to focus on content and product development.

kinsta support allows clickup to focus on blog growth
ClickUp testimonial

Kinsta provided seamless migration services, daily backups, a staging site, and excellent customer support. It gave ClickUp precise analytics and efficient debugging tools to improve blog performance and security.

Thus, ClickUp has met its goal of integrating multiple work tools into a single platform and increasing productivity.

Kinsta Pricing and Plans

Kinsta WordPress hosting provides various hosting plans to meet the needs of various types of users, including individual bloggers, small businesses, and large enterprises. 

The pricing structure scales with your website’s growth, so you only pay for what you need. Thus, you must carefully assess your needs.

Kinsta sets different prices for hosting services such as,

kinsta wordpress hosting pricing
Kinsta Managed WordPress hosting pricing

Each of these plans also comes with several ranges of features and prices.  Let’s look more into the WordPress Sites plan to get more ideas.

The core infrastructure, including the Cloudflare integration, is the same across all WordPress plans. Features like free migrations, daily backups, staging environments, free CDN, or free wildcard SSL are included in all plans.  

Starter Plan: Starter hosting includes daily backups with a 14-day backup retention, free migrations, and 24/7/365 support for small websites and blogs. It’s intended for you if you are getting started.

kinsta wordpress hosting starter plan
Kinsta WordPress hosting Starter plan

Business Plans: As you grow, Kinsta WordPress hosting provides various levels of Business plans. These are ideal for websites with high traffic and performance requirements,  sites with dynamic features, like eCommerce or membership, or resource-heavy multisite networks as they provide more PHP workers. Additionally, backup retention scales with the plans and goes up to 20 days on Business 3 and Business 4 plans

kinsta wordpress hosting business plan.png
Kinsta WordPress hosting Business plan

Enterprise Plans: Kinsta’s Enterprise plans are ideal for large-scale websites with high traffic, providing the highest performance levels and dedicated resources, allowing up to 3 million visitors, 100+ GB storage, 8+ PHP workers, and up to 30-day backup retention.

kinsta wordpress hosting enterprise plan
Kinsta WordPress hosting Enterprise plan

Even if you can’t find a suitable plan, you can call and request a custom plan.

Also, if you have a single WordPress site with high resource usage, such as a busy eCommerce shop, membership site, or a high-traffic business site, Kinsta WordPress hosting also provides single site plans.

Boosting Website Performance with ShortPixel Image Optimization

Shortpixel image optimizer plugin
Shortpixel image optimizer

Your website will load faster if you use better hosting. And to make your website even faster, you should reduce the weight of your pages.

Combining lightweight web pages and faster hosting services like Kinsta will give your users the best WordPress site experience possible.

Smaller image files load faster, save your website storage and host bandwidth and play a vital role in SEO.

You can use the ShortPixel image optimizer plugin for image compression on your WordPress site. ShortPixel works seamlessly with any WordPress site hosted on Kinsta WordPress hosting.

How Does ShortPixel Help Your WordPress Image Optimization?

ShortPixel provides a set of features that effectively optimize your images:

Automatic image compression: ShortPixel automatically reduces the size of images as they are uploaded. It speeds up the optimization process and saves time and effort. 

Converts images: It allows you to convert images to more efficient formats, such as WebP and AVIF, which are smaller in size but higher in quality than traditional formats like JPEG or PNG.

Shortpixel image optimizer plugin compression settings
Shortpixel image optimizer settings

Bulk Optimization Options: Websites with a large image library can use ShortPixel’s bulk optimization feature to compress or convert all images with one click.

Shortpixel adaptive image settings
Shortpixel adaptive image settings

Adaptive Images: ShortPixel can serve scaled images according to the visitor’s viewport and device. Mobile users will receive a smaller, properly sized image than desktop users.

3-level compression: ShortPixel lets site owners choose between Lossless, Lossy and Glossy compression a. Glossy is a ShortPixel algorithm that keeps the compression level between lossy and lossless.

Cloud Processing: ShortPixel optimizes the data in the cloud, so your hosting server has no additional load. It’s essential for Kinsta WordPress hosting users because it ensures optimal site performance and server response times.

Should You Pick Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting?

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting stands out for its exceptional performance and robust security, catering to both small and large websites.

It uses Google Cloud Platform’s scalable plans, ensuring your hosting can grow alongside your site. This service includes daily backups, a global CDN, and SSL certificates for added security and performance.

Likewise, Kinsta WordPress hosting makes WordPress management a breeze by overseeing caching, security scans, and automatic backups, offering a hassle-free solution for users at any expertise level.

Yet, the premium nature of Kinsta’s services comes at a higher cost than shared hosting options. It may discourage small site owners or those working within tight budgets.

But, Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting introduces a pay-as-you-go model, allowing you to pay only for the resources you utilize. So, no worries about the budget.

So, if you’re searching for a dependable WordPress hosting service that ensures your site remains swift, secure, and easy to manage or modify, Kinsta WordPress hosting is an excellent choice.

Convert and Optimize Images for free!

Enhance your image files effortlessly with ShortPixel, an all-in-one online tool that optimizes, resizes, and seamlessly converts to WebP or AVIF formats.

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