12 Best AI Design Tools to Create Your Dream Website Saving 50% Effort

AI design tools are becoming a staple for WordPress website design.

You’ve designed websites with the precision of a watchmaker, stitching together code and visuals the old-school way.

How about I introduce tools for design creativity to you? 

Indeed, AI design tools!

Think of AI as your personal design assistant who never takes a coffee break and never misses a pixel. 

It saves you half the time and effort! Yes, a whopping 50%!

AI-powered design tools assist, suggest, and streamline processes on your project. Here’s how AI can revolutionize your WordPress site creation without the technical skills.

12 Best AI Design Tools for Designing a WordPress Site

This guide sums up the best AI design tools for designing a WordPress site, so you don’t have to do WP web design from scratch. 

Lets look at the the best AI design tools for WordPress websites,

1. Divi AI

After building your site’s pages with Divi Page Builder, they’re now ready to fill with content. That’s where Divi AI comes in.

Divi AI writes website copy and generates images right inside the no-code builder. It learns from your website and the current page and generates contextually relevant content. Divi can write a copy from scratch or improve an existing one.

It can generate different types of content, from taglines to social media posts, titles, paragraphs, and even entire blog posts.

image 1 1

Besides copy, the AI design tool can create any image you can think of. You only need to input a prompt of how you want the image to be, and it will generate it in seconds. Create images in different styles like hand-drawn sketches, professional photographs, digital paintings, and more.

image 1

Alternatively, transform an image and alter its style to tailor it to your context using a reference image. You can combine prompts, reference images, and styles to create a unique image.

Divi AI is built into Divi. Access it everywhere you can add text or images in the Divi builder. That means you can use it on any Divi element or module that supports text input and image uploads. To deploy the Divi AI generator, hover over an input box and click the Divi AI icon that appears.

2. Elementor AI

Elementor is one of the popular WordPress sites and page builders. Its AI design tool, Elementor AI, enables you to build and design WordPress sites with artificial intelligence.

image 1 2

The tool is integrated into the editor. It generates custom CSS code, original texts, and images using prompts and image references. The Prompts Enhancer feature automatically adds suggested details to your written prompts to improve them. 

With the AI Writing Assistant, you can adjust the tone, get suggestions of contextual-relevant prompts, translate languages, and write copy.

Combine that with its ability to create similar variations of your reference image, and you have high-quality visuals for your content.

Extend images in any direction, remove and replace image background, and resize or change resolution to match your site’s requirements.

With this in mind, Elementor AI is the best content creation AI tool for website builders using Elementor.

3. CodeWP – Best for Writing Code for Your Designs

image 1 3

You now have an assistant if you prefer to write code for custom features on your WordPress site. 

CodeWP is a WordPress code generator specifically designed for WordPress creators. This is not your ordinary mediocre-level AI tool. It has an expert-level understanding of CSS, PHP, JSS, and SQL.

With CodeWP, you can generate PHP snippets for your website.

All you need to do is input text prompts to describe what you want to create. Alternatively, use their ready-to-use AI-generated snippets for common WordPress issues.

Everything in CodeWP is conversational.

Use the chat feature to research and learn as if you’re talking to a WordPress expert. You can generate anything, from single-file snippets to multi-file packages you can export as themes and plugins.

After creating the snippet, easily test it directly from the platform. You can also connect your website to CodeWP to learn what plugins you use and your server environment for specific and accurate code.

4. Hostinger AI Assistant 

Hostinger AI Assistant is a free content generator plugin for WordPress sites hosted on Hostinger. You can install the plugin from the hPanel’s Members Area.

To generate content using the AI Assistant, simply provide descriptive prompts for your post, and it’ll write it for you.

Make the query more precise by specifying the audience, keywords, tone of voice, and content length. The more detailed the prompt, the more accurate the content generated by the AI Assistant.

The tool will create an SEO-friendly blog post with a title, introduction, headings, paragraphs, and a conclusion. You can also generate copy for your pages and product descriptions.

image 1

Once the AI Assistant has generated the content, you can edit and proofread it before publishing.

5. 10Web AI Assistant

10Web AI Assistant is an AI writing assistant for WordPress. This free AI design tool helps you write and edit content directly from your Gutenberg and Classic Editor.

It’ll write outlines and content for ads, product descriptions, blogs, landing pages, and more. It can also paraphrase and optimize the content for SEO. You only need to provide keywords or text descriptions of the content you want to create.


You’ll also access 20+ content templates for blogs, e-commerce, and website content. For SEO, the AI Assistant integrates into Yoast SEO to generate or paraphrase titles and meta descriptions.

And if your content has readability errors and the subheadings are improperly distributed, it’ll fix them. However, this AI design tool is incompatible with builders like Divi and WordPress multisite.

6. Midjourney – Best for Text-to-Image Conversion

Turn words into high-resolution visuals with Midjourney. It’s one of the best AI design tools for this task.

No more struggles with stock photos—Midjourney transforms your text prompts into detailed, creative, and realistic images.

Too good to be true? We thought so, too.

Here’s an image generated by Midjourney. Even Picasso would tip his hat to it!

RRl4eOtJ2svk 0O9aikG gwCZAdNbXDTpnN6K4ZESAZhY QcL7msTLtKi62RF8o50HHlxRMxqU23LbekslgwM4g1Dfra0rQuFVdKg7NrqMKLymxTWEuvFbaffQYbuhQgjYE4iZ

You must first sign up for a Midjourney subscription to create such images. Every prompt must start with the forward slash, that is /.

For example, /imagine autumn in a Japanese garden.

Besides the imagine prompts, other commands help you create images or change default settings. Here are the basic commands you should know.

Add parameters to your prompt to change how an image is generated. You can use parameters like aspect ratios, image weight, quality, etc. 

An expert tip—use detailed, descriptive prompts. Specify the resolution, and if you want to achieve a specific photographic style, use photography terms and parameters in your prompts, like the lens and type of camera.

Here’s how to use Midjourney to generate images for your WordPress site. 

You’ll have to pay for a subscription before you use the tool. But it’s worth it as it makes image creation a breeze.

7. Designs.AI – Best for Logo Generation

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What’s your brand vibe?????

Bold, playful, or minimalist?

Regardless, Designs.ai is the best AI design tool that lets you create and customize your brand logo effortlessly.

Did we mention it’s faster than your guardian angel can fly?

In 2 minutes, you’ll have your stunning brand logo, complete with your brand identity package, including social media logos, style guidelines, and branded merchandise mockups.

You’ll get:

  • Your logo in JPEG, PNG, PDF, and SVG formats
  • Brand narration, style guides, and assets
  • Mockups for devices, products, and business cards

This AI design tool has a library of 10,000 icons, 20+ colors, and eight font categories. Input your logo preferences and brand information. The logo maker will auto-generate thousands of logo variations. Pick one (or several), then customize it to your preferences. 

And just like that, your logo is ready. Together with a complete brand kit.

8. Canva – Best for Graphic Design

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For every design whim and fancy, Canva is second to none.

As one of the best AI design tools, Canva blends creativity with simplicity. 

Use Canva to create over 100 types of designs for your WordPress, including infographics, headers, featured images, blog graphics, posters, banners, and more.

It uses a simple drag-and-drop tool. Use the extensive library of fonts, graphic elements, and stock photos to create stunning designs, even if you’re not a designer.

With Canva, even your cat can be a graphic designer.

The best part is integrating Canva with your WordPress using the Canva WordPress plugin. After installing and activating the plugin, you can now create your designs.

Click on “Create a Design.” Choose a template or begin with a blank canvas. There’s a wide range of design templates for various designs like websites and blog graphics.

Drag and drop images, text, and design elements. Edit and customize the color, fonts, images, and more to suit your taste.

Canva’s AI software, Magic Studio, has AI-powered design tools like Magic Design, Magic Switch, and Magic Grab to create and improve designs.

But these tools are only available on Canva’s paid Pro and Teams plans.

9. Fontjoy – Best for Font Combinations

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When it comes to font pairing, Fontjoy has the matchmaking skills of Cupid.

Fontjoy is an AI design tool that generates the best font combinations for design. It uses deep learning to create font pairings with balanced contrasts.

You can save your favorite fonts, mix and match different fonts, and edit your choice pairings to match your designs.

The results?

Font pairings go from awkward first dates to power couples.

The tool is easy to use. Just click “Generate” to create a font combination, “Lock” to save the fonts you want to keep, and “Edit” if you’re going to pick a font manually. 

The text below the Generate button shows how your fonts will look. It’s also editable.

Fontjoy is where a designer’s magic happens—because life’s too short for boring fonts!

10. Tidio – Best for Customer Support

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Your WordPress is not complete without a customer support feature.

Tidio’s AI-powered chatbots are your fast and efficient support ninjas. Tidio’s Lyro AI can solve up to 70% of your customers’ issues using natural, conversational language. Who wants a robot pen pal anyway?

Unlike human agents, Lyro assists multiple customers simultaneously and answers questions in 6 seconds! The bot remembers previous interactions, understands context, and provides detailed, helpful answers.

You can also track site visitors to see which pages and products they view in real-time. Use the chat widget to engage them and offer personalized discounts.

Tidio has over 35 pre-defined chatbot templates for recommending products, answering FAQs, showcasing featured products, and more. It also prioritizes requests based on urgency.

Manage all your customer interactions with Tidio Multichannel. It lets you see all your email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and live chat messages in one panel.

What’s more, it provides you with conversational-related analytics so you can make data-driven decisions. Tidio saves the day, one query at a time.

11. AI Engine

AI Engine WordPress plugin adds AI features to your website. You can use it to generate texts and images, create your chatbot like ChatGPT or an image creation bot, templates, and more.

Use this AI design tool on your WordPress site to;

  • Explore the AI Playground feature, which offers various tools like translation, correction, SEO, etc.
  • Brainstorm ideas and create content faster with AI Copilot
  • Generate fresh and engaging content effortlessly for your website, including titles, posts, and product descriptions
  • Create templates
  • Convert speech to text using the Whisper API
  • Enhance your chatbot’s context with embeddings based on your data
  • Track OpenAI usage with built-in statistics

The Pro Version offers advanced features like the ability to create AI forms and a database of knowledge that the AI will use to build its answers.

12. Voicer

Voicer is a text-to-speech plugin for WordPress. It uses artificial intelligence to convert text to high-quality human voice. 

Your site visitors can highlight text on your site. The AI design tool will convert it to audio and read it back to them. This can improve user experience and accessibility by helping users with vision problems interact better with your site.

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Voicer supports more than 45 languages and 275+ human-like voices. That means you can easily localize your website by transforming text to speech in your native language.

It is compatible with all WordPress themes and major plugins and browsers.

Voicers provide some amazing features such as,

  • 45+ languages in 275+ human-like voices
  • Supports multilingual websites
  • Compatible with popular page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, and Divi
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Readers can selectively mute content and pause for variable durations during playback

Design Your WordPress With the Best AI Design Tools

With the best AI design tools for WordPress, you can turn your website dreams into digital reality. 

They’re fast, efficient, and inject the creativity your website needs. A visually stunning website isn’t just attractive—it’s the VIP ticket to user engagement and brand awesomeness! ????

From vibrant color palettes to logo masterpieces, these tools turn bland websites into extraordinary designs. So, embrace the AI magic and let your creativity run wild.

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