WordPress analytics for plugin developers

WordPress analytics

This post is mainly for WordPress developers. So if you already have a plugin on WP.org or are planning to publish one, you might just find this useful. In this post I will tell you about my new service that helps developers to track and analyze their plugins published in the WordPress repository – without having to change any code!

A bit about me: My main occupation is to develop JavaScript components. Also, I maintain a few WordPress sites and have developed a ​ WordPress Tables plugin. After publishing it in the WP repository the concept of ​ WP DevMetrics ​ was born.

What is WP DevMetrics?

WP DevMetrics​ is a management dashboard created to keep track of your own WordPress plugins. One thing that surprised me quite a bit was that after publishing my very own plugin on WP.org, there was no such facility to manage it, or even some kind of private, back-end space for it. The only tool available is the Advanced View on the main plugin page.

WP DevMetrics​ was created to solve one simple problem – to organize and display all the relevant information about your plugins: downloads, search performance, reviews, donations, etc in one simple dashboard. Also, having the ability to compare all these metrics with your competitors is a great way to improve your product(s) and a powerful part of WP DevMetrics.

WP DevMetrics


My Favorite Feature

I’d have to say that my favorite feature is the Daily Reports. You are probably thinking, “Daily Reports?”, right?. Well once you sign-up on ​ WP DevMetrics​ and have added your plugins, on the next day you will receive a report via email. This report includes useful insights about yesterday’s downloads, current week downloads statistics and comparisons to previous metrics.

WP DevMetrics

I have a lot of ideas on how to improve ​ WP DevMetrics​. I am currently working on improving the daily reports so that you can always keep up to date with the statistics of your plugin(s).

Currently ​ WP DevMetrics​ is in Beta and regularly updated. That being said, the key features are ready, so you are welcome to sign-up and try it out! Do leave your feedback and if you have ideas please ​ let me know​ !

All the best,
Ian Sadovy
Creator of ​ WP DevMetrics

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