Tips to Optimize Images for Better SEO using Magento Extensions

Optimize imagesImages are neglected the most when other SEO tasks are in process. Like other SEO tasks, image optimization also has a key role in making your website stand out in searches. You need to follow a comprehensive road map, where image optimization should be preferred just like other SEO tasks and promotional campaigns.

Without implementing proper search engine optimization techniques, it is impossible to acquire competitive advantage in search engine results. Besides, optimal keyword integration and strengthening the website through powerful back linking are considerably important. Images present on a website strongly impact the users and are relevant for search engine bots.

There are countless strategies to optimize images for better SEO. It all starts from the moment you launch the website and continues with the expansion of the site. At the time of development, you might have missed some of the basic functionalities for optimizing the images. To cover the gap, we suggest the installation of plugins and extensions. Magento has a complete collection of extensions that extend the functionality of your online store with just a quick and simple installation. Here are some useful tips to optimize your website images with the help of Magento extensions.

Compress Images to Reduce Size for better SEO results

A larger image size leads to an increased page loading time. A website page that takes longer to load annoys the users and makes them leave before the content reveal. Making use of image compression extensions will reduce the image size and make the website load smoothly.

Tiny PNG Compress JPEG & PNG Images is a worthy extension that makes use of Lossy image compression technique to optimize the images from the web store. After the successful compression, a small reduction in the image colors could be observed, but there will be a significant shift in the page loading speed.

Don’t Forget Image Alt Tags

Every little thing matters when you want to make the website easily accessible to the users. The alternative text facilitates are great for boosting the significance of your website’s content. For an optimal user experience and to help web crawlers better understand the image content, it is important to use images with integrated alt tags. Image Alt Tags are also crucial for the visually impaired users who make use of interpreters to understand the content present on the website. Optimizing mages for SEO is a process where you should invest time and attention.

SEO Images Alt Tags extension efficiently generates alt tags for website images by thoroughly harvesting content from the product attributes and making use of custom text option.

Alt tagsDo Check for Image Responsiveness

If we take into account the wide range of smart devices that come with multiple screen sizes, we cannot deny the importance of website content optimization. This way, the site’s navigation will be effortless and the users will be happy.

In order to optimize the images of your web shop, you can use the Responsive Gallery extension that will make your image galleries look eye-catching across multiple smart devices.

Image Captions for Better User Experience

Just like other image optimization techniques, specifying image captions make it easy for search engines to crawl smoothly. The captions provide context to the image, thus the picture becomes easy to understand. This is the road to optimal user experience.

The Product Image Enhancements extension offers several options to enhance the effectiveness of the images on your site. With it, you can add image captions and image alt tags along, and also have the option to hide product image thumbnails.

Choose the Right Image Format

Images that are poor in quality reduce the effectiveness of other pieces of content displayed on the website. Also, they appear distorted on smart mobile devices. JPEG images are known for keeping their quality when compressed, even for the small sized files. However, one downfall that is associated with JPEGs is the inability to devise an image with a transparent background.

On the other hand, PNG images handle transparency splendidly. The higher quality PNG images often have larger sizes which affects the website’s loading times.

GIFs are commonly used to formulate simple animations and are integrated as business logos or as a page element.

The Image Optimizer extension provides a convenient way for reducing image file sizes without losing quality. It is easy to configure through Magento admin and has plenty of image optimization options with better SEO results.

Naming Images is also important

The image search technology is a great advancement in finding the desired images quickly. However, the search engine bots solely rely on the image name to interpret the images. It is essential to let search engines know what the images on your website are about. Before naming the image make sure that the name is relevant. Also, make sure the name isn’t a combination of inappropriate numbers and alphabets.

Custom text for product imagesFinal Words

Image optimization means you are creating another stream of traffic for your online store. In text-based searches, the majority of the buyers switch to ‘images’ tag to find the products they are interested in. Adding high quality product images to your website while skipping the optimization could lead to losing a hefty amount of organic traffic that could convert to customer. Try the tips discussed above, as they will surely help you deliver your content in a proper way.

Author Bio: This article is created by Hamza Riaz, a Digital Marketing Expert at FMEextensions. He possesses a huge writing experience, as he contributes to the industry with his materials. The topics of his interest are digital marketing, business and technology, and web design & development. You can find him on LinkedIn.

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