Why optimizing images for Your website is extremely important?

Creative agency websites optimizationIs there anything more annoying that waiting for a website to load? For website visitors, it can be very very irritating and for sure the longer they wait, the higher the percentage of lost potential customers. If it’s the fault of images on your website, you will not remove them; you will not leave the content itself. Every Internet user knows that images are an indispensable part of the website because they explain much more than words, they are much easier to receive and can be very useful for social media shares. Besides, that images are playing a key role in driving traffic to your website. So now it’s time to ask a question – what role do the pictures on your website have? Are they useful or rather disturbing?

Optimize images for a better page loading and SEO

A fast loading website is an important element. A professional WordPress website that loads fast brings more traffic, customers, and revenues! If you want to improve the website’s loading speed it’s highly recommended to find and use compression that will make your website easier to load.

As we mentioned earlier, the page loading can frustrate visitors and for sure will have a negative effect on search engine rankings. When they read your articles or blog posts, but instead of images, they see a white spot that is not a good prognostic. Loading times are also key for SEO. The faster site is easier to visit and to index. Despite the fact that WordPress provides the image in multiple sizes after upload, that doesn’t mean the file size is optimized!


Types of websites that absolutely need an images optimization

Below I’ve listed a list of websites that require image optimization most. Examples are based on WordPress themes.

Let’s focus on them:


Business websitesWhy Optimize Images

Currently, the web standard is to display attractive sliders and galleries on the front page. The same applies to the blog site. This results in a huge number of images to display. This especially works for sites that offer specific services and need to show their customers exactly what they are doing or present their achievements. It is also worth mentioning the one page type of sites that are now very popular in business and for them, it is required to load page as quickly as possible. As the name implies, the whole content is displayed on the one page only, so image densification of photos can be really huge. Look for business WordPress themes to build a successful website for your company.


Creative agency websitesBlog websites optimization

This type of site forces you to have a rich portfolio and an extensive blog. Modern blogs present not just an empty content. Each post contains the title picture and additional images in the content. Running a professional agency website is not a playground so photos must be large and in good quality. Look for portfolio WordPress themes and create a professional and modern portfolio website.


Hotel websitesHotel websites optimization

It’s easy to imagine that the hotel’s website presenting its offer is a place where we will find a whole lot of pictures. Starting with the pictures of the hotel itself or its location, to apartments, rooms and their equipment. As you can see from the example in the link this page of the hotel is extremely rich in pictures of rooms for rent. Download hotel WordPress theme here.


Blog websitesbusiness sites optimization

Modern, typical blog websites offer primarily blog posts and photos attached to them. Modern blogging is largely based on photography. We recommend you to take a look at our example – the cooking blog site. There is plenty of dishes or food available and people want to have quick access to recipes. This website makes it easier for them. Download blog WordPress themes and monetize your business.


Optimize images to attract visitors

The main reason to optimize images is your site visitors.

It’s also very important for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to optimize images for better page speed results. Images that are eye-catching encourage visitors to interact. (share, write comments etc.) Using images make viewers more active, they get attracted and may make a reaction.

Another positive aspect is a growing traffic. You need to know that using blog posts without images is not recommended. It causes that visitors do not think about your website as a professional one and their involvement decreases. They are also less interested visit your website again.

Image optimization is basically a process of encoding images to increase a website’s traffic as much as possible. Images improve your site’s presence and make it more interesting. They also always take space over your WordPress website (every image needs to be downloaded from your server to user’s device), so it’s absolutely necessary to compress them. This results with faster loading content. Summarizing – Optimized images contribute to the improvement of the website performance. There some main rules according to proper image optimization. It’s an appropriate file name (important for Google and Bing robots), using alt text and reducing the size of image files. If you keep these rules in mind then images will not underestimate your website’s loading speed but should boost traffic. Remember that it’s important to optimize all images that you are currently using on your website.



The network is becoming more advanced, faster, and technology is growing. It’s time to meet standards because images play an increasingly important role in SEO strategies.

I hope that you are now fully convinced that optimizing images is something to think about seriously and put it into practice. You should do everything in your power to implement our tips and suggestions. It is worthwhile to use ready-made solutions like WordPress themes mentioned earlier. They are subordinated to modern standards and are built to show as many photos as possible.

You will see for yourself that this will give you a great effect and the traffic on your site will increase.

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