4 Best Ways to Convert CMYK to RGB Properly

When you make things like posters or magazines, you use CMYK colors. But screens like TVs and computers use RGB colors.

It’s critical to correctly switch these colors to look good in your print and screen images.

No worries, it’s nothing complex.

We’ll use simple tools and steps so anyone can follow along. You don’t need to be a pro to understand.

You’ll know how to keep your colors bright and accurate, no matter where they appear.

In this article, we’ll look at how to convert CMYK to RGB to change colors from print to digital.

Why Convert CMYK to RGB?

You already know why you’re here—to convert CMYK to RGB. You have your reasons. However, let us provide a clear picture if something new catches your eye.

  1. Display Requirements: It’s necessary to change CMYK designs and images to RGB for digital screens like digital ads, websites, and social media. They must be in RGB for mobile and computer screens.
  2. Software Compatibility: Some digital platforms or software only accept RGB images. Converting a CMYK image to RGB becomes necessary to ensure compatibility and proper display of the image.
  3. Expanding Color Range: CMYK is necessary for printing but has fewer colors than RGB. Converting to RGB can increase image vibrancy by allowing bright and saturated colors on digital devices.
  4. Online Use: Print designs in CMYK need to change to RGB for websites and apps.
  5. Print Materials: Print materials designed in CMYK must be converted to RGB for digital use, such as turning a brochure online.


CMYK and RGB are two color systems with different purposes. CMYK is used in printing to create colors by combining four ink colors. It is like mixing paint.

RGB is for screens, like on your computer or TV. Here, colors are made by combining different amounts of these three light colors. It is like turning on different colored lights.

RGB has a larger color gamut compared to CMYK, covering a broader range of colors. It is well-suited for representing vibrant and dynamic colors on digital displays.

The “K” in CMYK stands for “Key,” which is used for black. Including black in the color, model helps create richer blacks and reduces the amount of color inks needed.

On the other hand, RGB doesn’t have a separate black component. Black is achieved by using the absence of light, but it may not be as rich as black in CMYK.

4 Best Ways to Convert CMYK to RGB Properly

Converting CMYK to RGB is super easy. It may sound like rocket science, though it’s just a few simple steps and just doing it. It’s high school!

Convert CMYK to RGB Online Using Shortpixel

You can use the ShortPixel Image Optimization tool to convert CMYK to RGB. It’s the easiest of all methods we are going to discuss today.

Here’s how you can convert CMYK to RGB online in a few simple steps:

Step 1: First, open the ShortPixel image optimization tool in your browser.

Step 2: Choose the compression level for the RGB file. ShortPixel offers three levels of compression: lossy, glossy, and lossless.

Choose lossy if you want to significantly reduce the file size. If you want to preserve the original quality, then choose lossless.

shortpixel cmyk to rgb converter

Step 3: Then, navigate to the “Settings” and click on it. Now, enable the “Convert CMYK to RGB” option.

Step 4: Upload the CMYK file you want to convert to RGB to ShortPixel. Just drag and drop the file or upload it from your computer. You can convert up to 50 files at once, but remember that file size shouldn’t exceed 10 MB.

Once uploaded, ShortPixel will convert the CMYK file, and you will see the download button with the compression percentage when done. Click on the Download button to download the converted RGB file.

Convert CMYK to RGB using Photoshop  

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best ways to convert CMYK to RGB. It provides deep optimization settings that allow you to preserve color accuracy and consistency.

You can convert CMYK to RGB in Photoshop in a few clicks:

Step 1: Download and install Photoshop on your computer if you don’t have it already. Then, launch the Photoshop app.

Step 2: Open the CMYK file in Photoshop that you want to convert to RGB.

convert cmyk to rgb using photoshop

Step 3: To convert CMYK to RGB, go to “Edit” in the top menu, select “Convert to Profile,” and then choose “RGB” as the profile from the Destination Space. There are different RGB types; choose sRGB. Keep other options as they are.

convert cmyk to rgb using photoshop srgb adjustmnet

If your image has multiple layers, Photoshop might ask if you want to flatten the layers or discard any adjustment layers. You can choose to flatten or preserve layers based on your preferences.

Step 4: Once you have made the color mode conversion, save the RGB file.

If you want to keep your original image in CMYK mode, it’s a good practice to “Save As” and give your RGB version a new name to avoid overwriting the original file.

Convert CMYK to RGB using Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Illustrator is an excellent tool for converting CMYK to RGB efficiently and easily. It offers multiple methods for this conversion. Here is how to convert CMYK to RGB using Adobe Illustrator:

Method 1: Using the Document Color Mode

Step 1: Open the CMYK file you want to convert to RGB.

Step 2: Navigate to the top menu: File > Document Color Mode. Choose RGB color as the document color mode. Save the file, and you are done converting CMYK to RGB.

convert cmyk to rgb using Illustrator document colormode color settings

Method 2: Change Color Panel Color Mode

Step 1: Navigate to Window and then Color.

convert cmyk to rgb using Illustrator document colormode settings

Step 2: In the top-right corner of the Color panel, find the hidden menu.

convert cmyk to rgb using Illustrator document color settings

Step Three: Choose RGB color mode from options like HSB, Grayscale, etc.

This is how you can convert CMYK files to RGB using Adobe Illustrator.

Convert CMYK to RGB Using Python 

Python provides a simple and easy way to convert CMYK to RGB. But you need Python coding knowledge. Here is how to convert CMYK image files to RGB using Python:

Step 1: First, install the Python Image Library, available as Pillow. You can install it using the command: pip install pillow

Step 2: Run the Python script. You can use this script to convert the CMYK image file to RGB:

from PIL import Image
def cmyk_to_rgb(input_path, output_path):
    # Open the CMYK image using Pillow
    cmyk_image = Image.open(input_path)
    # Convert CMYK to RGB
    rgb_image = cmyk_image.convert("RGB")
    # Save the RGB image
# Example usage

input_file_path = "path/to/cmyk_image.jpg"  # Replace with your CMYK image file path
output_file_path = "path/to/rgb_image.jpg"    # Replace with the desired output file path
cmyk_to_rgb(input_file_path, output_file_path)

This script opens the CMYK image, converts it to RGB, and then saves the result as an RGB image.

Is converting CMYK to RGB a Good Idea?

The RGB color mode has a larger color space than CMYK. Thus, it can produce a more extensive range of colors.

If you need a broader spectrum of colors, converting from CMYK to RGB is necessary.

RGB files tend to be smaller than CMYK files. RGB uses three color channels instead of CMYK’s four channels, resulting in smaller file sizes.

File size is a critical factor for web use.

Color balance is easier in RGB than in CMYK because neutral colors in RGB contain equal amounts of the three primary hues.

Overall, CMYK is not an ideal mode for web use; RGB is more suitable. Therefore, we recommend converting CMYK to RGB for web applications.

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