10 reasons why you should consider using WordPress for your website

WordPress was launched in the year 2003 as a content management system (CMS) and became the most widely used and favourite website of bloggers around the world. Though it was originally just a site for bloggers, it has now become a big, universal platform for building websites, especially for doing business online.


After you decide the name of your company, get it registered, and are done with all the details except for deciding the platform for your business website, here are the reasons that will assure you that WordPress is the best option for your official business website:

#1: WordPress is a very popular CMS used throughout the world

WordPress is a CMS having the largest market share. In fact, we can say that WordPress rules the web as it powers more than a quarter of existent websites and the number continues to grow further, thereby becoming the most popular option for building websites. This popularity of WordPress also makes it easy to find professionals well-versed in it. It also assures that WordPress is not going to disappear soon and will support your website for years.

#2: WordPress is economical and saves money

The cost involved in building a website is a significant concern for many businesses. However, WordPress web development is an economical and affordable option. In fact, it 100% free to download, install, and use WordPress. There are no issues such as hidden charges pressed when the popularity of your website is more than expected.

#3: WordPress is easy to learn, use, and manage

Using the functionality of WordPress, you can build beautiful websites with your internet connection and a web browser. It is very easy to learn how to edit content, add images, and post new pages on WordPress. Even non-tech business owners can use it to build and manage their website using the built-in functionalities. Sign up for a free account and your website will be online in less than two minutes.

#4: WordPress is SEO friendly

SEO plays a vital role in making your website visible in online search results. Having a clean record, Google allows WordPress sites in reaching the top of search engine results. This is beneficial for your website as it brings in more traffic. Adding keywords gives still more extra points and priority to your website over other websites. Additional plug-ins is also available for pushing your website towards Google’s top rankings.

#5: WordPress is easily customizable and flexible

Keeping your website updated is very important. For this, you need to build a website that can be modified when needed. The flexible framework of WordPress allows designers and developers to edit codes and modify layouts and applications to extend WordPress functionality. A wide range of plugins and themes can also be incorporated in WordPress to meet the unique demands of the clients. You can add any amount of creativity to your website and can also customize the plugins you use for the website in WordPress.

#6: WordPress allows the use of different types of media

The WordPress site does not only contain text content. It has built-in support for handling images, audio, and video content. In fact, WordPress supports embed-enabled websites where it is possible to add video galleries, YouTube videos, Soundcloud audios, Twitter tweets, slide shows, and much more, within your content. For images and PDFs you can use ShortPixel Image Optimiser plugin so that your media is optimized and does not increase unnecessarily the load times of your site.

#7: WordPress community provides support

You can troubleshoot the problems you encounter while building or updating your website using the community support from WordPress forums throughout the web. The question and answers, blogs, guides, and links to dedicated websites available on these community forums run by developers can provide answers to your queries.

#8: WordPress is optimised for mobiles

Since maximum people are using mobiles these days to access websites, mobile compatibility is a significant factor determining the user compatibility with the website. Having a mobile-responsive website design helps in increasing the website traffic. In case of WordPress, mobile optimization is already a part of the package, while you need special coding for achieving this on other websites. WordPress recognizes the device being used by a person to view the website and configures the content accordingly by itself. Thus, you can rest assured that everything will run in a smooth and orderly manner on WordPress. Even connectivity of WordPress blog posts and other content with social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, provide connectivity to the rest of the world.

#9: WordPress has safety and security standards

All your information is highly secure and safe with WordPress. Regular security updates are available, and you can also use additional security plugins to upgrade the security levels of your website.

#10: WordPress allows better management of time

You can schedule the time for publishing content on the website by mentioning your preferred publishing dates and time. This saves the manual work of posting the content every day, thereby managing your time effectively.

To wrap up

So, now you know how important it is to develop a WordPress website for your business. Using WordPress provides you great power to do literally do anything with your website. Its popularity has made WordPress gain a large number of users, and thus, WordPress is the focus for improving features with constant updates, whenever there are new concerns and latest trends. All the above features make WordPress the best CMS platform to host your website.

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