AppSumo 2022 deal - Credits usage

How are the credits included in the deal counted?

This AppSumo deal has two types of credits to be used with ShortPixel's tools.

  1. Unlimited credits: these can be used only with the ShortPixel App for Google Drive™ (log in first).
  2. 200,000 credits/code: these can be used with the rest of ShortPixel's tools.

Again, and to be clear, this is how your credits and CDN traffic quota will be used:

What does "unlimited" mean?

You can optimize as many images as you want on your Google Drive, as well as videos. The size limit for videos is 2 GB.

We are expecting a reasonable and fair usage in order to protect the quality of service offered to all users. If we detect an unusual API usage, we’ll email you to resolve the situation. In extreme cases, we may be required to restrict your API usage.

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