How API Key Aliases work

With the new API Key Aliases option, found on the API Keys page of your ShortPixel dashboard, you can easily generate and remove temporary (or not) API Keys that can be used on different websites.

API Key Aliases were created to allow our customers to generate API Keys that will act as an alias of your main API key, and use the same pool of credits. This can be useful in situations where, for example, you are the account owner but not the web administrator and do not want your main API key, your billing information, or other account information to be visible.

Then what is the difference between the subaccounts and the API Key Aliases?

  • Subaccounts: you allocate a certain number of credits from your main pool of credits, and only that subaccount can use those credits. Subaccounts also have their own account through which they can purchase credits themselves.
  • API key aliases: they act as an alias and use the same credits as your main account. They don't have their own account and you are the only one who can buy credits for this account.

Please note that this feature is not relevant for ShortPixel Adaptive Images (SPAI), because SPAI works by associating domains.

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