How the affiliate payment works

After a purchase is made through an affiliate link, 30% of the purchase value goes to the affiliate.

As an affiliate, you can view your Affiliate Stats in the administration area. At the beginning of each month we check the stats and if your Current balance exceeds $100, we ask you to send us an invoice and we will transfer the amount via PayPal. Usually we request the invoice the first week of the month and make the payment on the 15th of the month.

Below is an explanation of the Affiliate Stats:

One thing to note about the Affiliate Stats is that you will not see any conversion in the list if the user registered more than 1 month ago, but you will still get your commission. For example, in the next screenshot you can see that the affiliate earned $9.98 from subscriptions, but since the user who paid signed up more than 1 month ago, they don't appear in the list.

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