How do I restore my original images?

Both our WordPress Image Optimization plugin and our image optimization tools allow you to backup your files.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer allows you to restore them either individually or in bulk from the WordPress admin interface, as long as you did not disable the "Image backup" option on the settings page (which is enabled by default).

Restore all your images

You can bulk restore all your images from Media > Bulk ShortPixel. On the right side of the page you should see the button "Bulk Restore Images".

Restore a single image

If you want to restore individual images, then

  1. Go to your Media Library
  2. Make sure you are in List View

  3. Look for your image and on the right side you should have a hamburger button. Click it and you will find the option "Restore backup". If you don't find the hamburger button, it means you don't have a backup for that image.

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