ShortPixel Image Optimizer - A credit equals an optimized image?

1 credit = 1 image or thumbnail

A credit is used each time ShortPixel Image Optimizer optimizes an image or thumbnail by at least 5%. If the plugin is not able to optimize an image or thumbnail by at least 5%, then no credits will be deducted.

Each image has a certain number of thumbnails automatically generated by WordPress once uploaded to your website. The number of thumbnails depends on the theme and plugins you use. Each thumbnail optimization is counted as a separate credit. You can also choose to exclude thumbnails that you don't want to optimize, thus reducing the number of credits needed.

In addition, if you choose to create WebP or AVIF files, an extra credit will also be spent for every image and thumbnail that gets a WebP/AVIF counterpart.


For example, you upload an image, and 8 thumbnails are generated. In addition, you choose to create WebP version of the image and its thumbnails.

  • Original image optimization: 1 credit
  • 8 thumbnails optimization: 8 credits
  • WebP creation for the original file + the thumbnails: 9 credits
  • Total: 18 credits

Learn more about how ShortPixel credits work.

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