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LiteSpeed Cache

  • Exclude "ai.min.js", "ai-2.0.min.js" and "spai-lib-bg" from being combined (thanks to Mads) or delayed/deferred.

  • If the previous doesn't work, turn off "JS Combine".

  • Disable Lazy Load.


  • Go to Jetpack > Settings > Performance and disable the option "Enable site accelerator" and "Enable Lazy Loading for images".


  • Go to Hummingbird > Asset Optimization > Assets > Configuration > Exclusions, and exclude the files ai.min.js and ai-2.0.min.js  .

  • In some cases, the previous instructions won't be enough. We have observed that the Hummingbird plugin will sometimes disable jQuery. To prevent issues with this, please go to Settings > ShortPixel AI > Behaviour and enable "New AI engine".


  • You need to have "Optimize Images" and "Lazy-load images" turned off. They are located on Settings > Autoptimize > Images.

  • If you have the option "Aggregate JS-files" enabled, you may need to exclude the script ai.min.js and/or ai-2.0.min.js from optimization to prevent possible conflicts.

WP Rocket

  • Do not add the ShortPixel API URL to WP Rocket's CDN section.
  • Do not activate the "WebP Compatibility" add-on. If you'd like to use WebP, please do it from ShortPixel Adaptive Images' options.
  • You must deactivate lazy loading for all images. Go to Settings > WP Rocket > Media > LazyLoad and disable "Enable for images" and "Enable for CSS background images".
  • If you combine your JS files using WP Rocket, you may need to exclude the file /wp-content/plugins/shortpixel-adaptive-images/assets/js/(.*).js  from being minified and combined (Settings > WP Rocket > File Optimization > JavaScript Files > Excluded JavaScript Files).
  • If the previous does not seem to work, try disabling the "Combine JavaScript files" option:

  • If you are using RocketCDN to serve your images files as well, then you should do one of the following:
    • Either associate your RocketCDN CNAME to your account (How can I associate a domain to my account?),
    • or simply don't serve images from RocketCDN. This method has the benefit of not having 2 CDNs (RocketCDN and SPAI) before your images
  • If you are using the option "Delay JavaScript execution", you will need to add the following lines in the "Excluded JavaScript Files" field:

Swift Performance

  • You will need to disable the option "Fix Invalid HTML" under Swift Performance > Settings > Optimization > HTML.

  • Some websites may have issues with the option "Merge Styles" under Swift Performance > Settings > Optimization > Styles. If you want it enabled, feel free to try to do it, but please check thoroughly your site. If it breaks, then you should
  • If you are using ShortPixel Adaptive Images to deliver WebP, then you have to go to Settings > Swift Performance > Media > Images and set the option "Serve WebP" as "Don't use WebP".

SG Optimizer

  • Go to SG Optimizer > Media and disable every single setting there.

  • Also, to make sure that your images load as fast as possible, disable the option SG Optimizer > Frontend > JavaScript > Defer Render-blocking JS.

  • Finally, make sure the "Combine JavaScript Files" setting is disabled.

WP Fastest Cache

  • Make sure that "Lazy Load" and "Minify JS" are disabled from WP Fastest Cache's settings.


  • Deactivate the Lazy Loading option in Perfmatters' settings to allow ShortPixel AI to work correctly. SPAI has already lazy loading integrated.

  • If you are using the option "Delay JavaScript", you need to exclude SPAI scripts. Please add the string spai to the box "Excluded from Delay".

  • Do not preload any image. Or in other words, the "Preload Critical Images" option should be set to 0. If you need to preload any image, simply go to Settings > ShortPixel AI > Exclusions and exclude the image in question on the "Don't lazy load" box. 


  • On Settings > NItroPack, you must set the Optimization Mode to 
  • Then, login to your NitroPack dashboard on In the Advanced Settings section, you must disable "Image optimization" and "Automatic image lazy loading".

  • If you have enabled the option " Replace in CSS files" on ShortPixel AI, you should exclude all the CSS files from optimization on the NitroPack dashboard using the "Excluded Resources" option. See the following screenshot:

  • If you have enabled the option " Serve JS from CDN" on ShortPixel AI, you should exclude all the JS files from optimization on the NitroPack dashboard using the "Excluded Resources" option. See the following screenshot:

Slider Revolution

  • Deactivate the Lazy Loading of your sliders by going to the slider settings.

  • Navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard > Slider Revolution > Globals, and under "Modules Optimization", set the "Default lazy loading in modules" to No change, and disable the "Lazy load on BG images".

W3 Total Cache

  • Deactivate the JS Minify settings. Go to Performance > Minify > JS and turn off the option "JS minify settings"


Asset CleanUp

  • Do not unload, async or defer any file from ShortPixel Adaptive Images. If you do so, the plugin will stop working as it should and you could have missing images or parts of the plugin not working as they should.

Divi, Extra or any other Elegant Themes theme

  • Disable the option "Defer jQuery And jQuery Migrate". It is located on your Theme Options, under the General > Performance menu.

Smash Balloon Instagram Feed

  • Go to Instagram Feed > Settings > Customize and enable the option "Disable JS Image Loading"


  • This page builder has a quite complicated way of rendering the builder itself. That's why it's better to disable the option to optimize the images for logged-in users. Go to Settings > ShortPixel AI > Behavior and disable the option "Logged-in users"

Meow Gallery

  • You will need to disable its Optimization features as they conflict with SPAI. Go to Meow Apps > Gallery > Basics > Optimization and set the Image Size to "Full" and disable the option "Infinite & Lazy"


  • We've seen some themes (e.g. Impreza) that come bundled with this component. If you find yourself building a slider with it and you see that its image URLs are not being replaced with the ones pointing to, try adding the following snippet of code to your functions.php file:
add_filter('shortpixel/ai/customRules', 'my_spai_custom_rules');function my_spai_custom_rules($regexItems) {  $regexItems[] = new ShortPixel\AI\TagRule('a', 'href', 'rsImg', false, false, false, true);  return $regexItems;}	


  • You must disable the "Lazy Load Images" option

  • Be careful with the "JS Files With Deferred Loading" option. We have seen websites where adding certain files caused our plugin to not work properly. If you experience random issues, first try to remove all files from there.

Ave Theme

  • Disable image lazy loading by navigating to your WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Customize button under Ave theme > Extras > Miscellaneous > Image lazy loading feature, as seen below.

All In One WP Security

  • Disable the prevention of image hotlinking, as it is incompatible with ShortPixel Adaptive Images. Go to WP Security > Firewall > Prevent Hotlinks and disable the "Prevent image hotlinking" option.


  • Set the 'Lazy Load Background Images' setting to Inactive via Elementor > Settings > Features.
  • Set the 'Optimize Image Loading' setting to Inactive via Elementor > Settings > Features.

Bricks Builder

  • Enable the Disable the lazy-loading setting via Bricks > Settings > Performance.

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