Images not showing up when ShortPixel Image Optimizer is active, why is that?

Most of the times this issue is caused by a conflict between the "Using the <PICTURE> tag syntax" feature and different other plugins (e.g. LayerSlider). A quick fix is to just deactivate the option "Deliver the next generation versions of the images in the front-end":

You can find this option in Settings > ShortPixel > Advanced.

As you may imagine, disabling this option will prevent your images from being served as WebP or AVIF. If you must do it, then you have three options:

  1. Use the second delivery method "Without altering the page code (via .htaccess)". For more information, please consult this article: Which WebP or AVIF delivery method is the best for me? - ShortPixel Knowledge Base
  2. Use ShortPixel Adaptive Images.
  3. Use another plugin to deliver your generated WebP/AVIF files, like WP Rocket or Cache Enabler.
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