ShortPixel Image Optimizer

 "Lenghty operation in process", what is this?  About GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights and other website speed testers  Actions and filters of ShortPixel Image Optimizer  Can I hide the 'Bulk ShortPixel' menu?  Can I optimize my images if they are stored on an external server?  Can I optimize the existing images on my Media Library?  Can I use my own WebP/AVIF files with ShortPixel Image Optimizer?  Can I use the same API Key on multiple websites?  Can ShortPixel automatically resize new image uploads?  Can the ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin for WordPress help with the "Properly size images" issue?  Caveats of delivering WebP or AVIF images via .htaccess  Configure NGINX to transparently serve next-gen format files when supported  Deleting WebP or AVIF files created by ShortPixel  Do I need to optimize the images before adding them to my website?  Do the ShortPixel plugins preserve the EXIF data in images?  Do you optimize existent WebP images?  Do you optimize the images in cloud?  Does ShortPixel Image Optimizer add a lazy loading effect to the compressed images?  Does ShortPixel change any metadata (title, alt text, etc)?  Does ShortPixel change the URLs of my images?  Does ShortPixel set any cookies?  Does the resize feature crop the images?  Error "Could not create backup. Please check file permissions"  Error "Could not download file"  Error "Error downloading file - incorrect file size"  Error "Error while connecting: couldn’t connect to host"  Error "File Error. File could not be loaded with this ID"  Error "Internal Server Error"  Error "Invalid image or unsupported image format"  Error "Invalid response from server"  Error "Retry Limit reached. Image might be too large, limit too low or network issues"  Error "Too many inaccessible URLs from the same domain"  Error "URL is inaccessible from our server(s) due to access restrictions"  Error: "Update Failed: Could not create directory."  Exclude PDF files from being compressed with ShortPixel Image Optimizer  Exclude old images from optimization and automatically optimize the new images  HEIC (Apple images) support in ShortPixel Image Optimizer  How can I make sure that ShortPixel will not automatically optimize my images?  How can I optimize only certain thumbnail sizes?  How do I add a lazy-load effect to my images optimized with ShortPixel Image Optimizer?  How do I restore my original images?  How does ShortPixel Image Optimizer work on multisite?  How does ShortPixel Image Optimizer work?  How should I use ShortPixel Image Optimizer and Resize Image After Upload?  How to check if ShortPixel Image Optimizer compressed the images  How to create and serve AVIF files using ShortPixel Image Optimizer  How to create and serve WebP files using ShortPixel Image Optimizer  How to deliver the WebP generated by ShortPixel with LiteSpeed Cache  How to disable all notifications of ShortPixel Image Optimizer  How to exclude images from being optimized?  How to exclude the images created by the ACF cropping plugin from optimization  How to hide the API key with ShortPixel Image Optimizer?  How to migrate correctly to ShortPixel Image Optimizer  How to optimize images of WordPress themes and plugins  How to optimize your NextGEN galleries with ShortPixel Image Optimizer  How to remove the API Key from the plugin?  How to remove the backed up images on WordPress?  How to rename my WebP images from single to double extension  How to schedule a cron event to run ShortPixel Image Optimizer  I cannot empty the backups folder, what solutions do I have?  I cannot validate the API Key, how to solve this?  I don't like how some images look, how can I restore or reoptimize them?  I get the message "Avif server test failed". How do I configure my web server to deliver AVIF images?  I optimized already all the images but then I realized that I didn't select the option to generate WebP or AVIF, what can I do?  I sent items to optimize, but the Media Library doesn't show any progress  I use SPIO with Cloudflare and my WebP or AVIF images aren't served, why is that?  I use Safari and SPIO, and I can't see WebP images. How can I solve it?  I want to move my heavy site to a new hosting provider with maximum size limit. By how much can ShortPixel shrink my files?  I want to start using Autoptimize with ShortPixel Image Optimizer, what should I do?  IPs to be whitelisted  If I make a change in ShortPixel, do I need to re-run Bulk ShortPixel?  Is ShortPixel's Image Optimization good for SEO?  Is it possible to change the default backups folder?  Is the backups folder created on my server going to affect my bandwidth usage?  Is there a way to test the ShortPixel plugins on a sandbox system?  List of constants to add in wp-config.php  Loss of color and saturation when uploading images to WordPress  Lossy, Glossy or Lossless – which one is the best for me?  My Settings page is empty, what's happening?  My images have disappeared! What do I do?  My website seems to be slower, could this be because of ShortPixel Image Optimizer?  On what pages does SPIO optimize images?  Optimization issues after moving the website to a new host  Optimizing large sites with WP-CLI  PNG to JPEG conversion: are the image URLs updated?  Picture quality issues when using ShortPixel  Possible Cloudflare issues and suggestions on how to address them  Remove all the ShortPixel related data on a WordPress website  SPIO 5 tells me to convert/migrate legacy data, what is this?  Settings - CMYK to RGB conversion  Settings - Convert PNG images to JPEG  Settings - Image backup  Settings - Optimize PDFs  Settings - Optimize Retina images  Settings - Optimize media on upload  Settings - Optimize other thumbnails  Settings - Remove EXIF  Settings - Thumbnail compression  ShortPixel Adaptive Images vs. ShortPixel Image Optimizer  ShortPixel Image Optimizer - A credit equals an optimized image?  ShortPixel Image Optimizer vs. Autoptimize's "Optimize images" option  ShortPixel says that all the images were optimized but then the old, unoptimized images still appear on site  Step-by-step guide to install and use ShortPixel Image Optimizer (SPIO)  The "Using the <PICTURE> tag syntax" option doesn't work; next-gen images won't show up  The ShortPixel column has disappeared from the Media Library, how do I get it back?  The ShortPixel column in the Media Library explained  The bulk optimization progress bar jumps around. What's happening?  This plugin is creating new thumbnails, how can I stop it?  Using ShortPixel Image Optimizer with Cloudflare's API Token  WP-CLI support for ShortPixel Image Optimizer  WebP and AVIF - Exclude some site parts from the picture tag replacement  WebP isn't served on AMP websites  What data is kept when the "Remove EXIF" option is selected?  What does "Preload Largest Contentful Paint image" mean? How can I solve it?  What happens to my original images?  What happens when my quota is exceeded and I still have images that need to be optimized?  What is smart cropping?  What types of formats can be optimized?  When I deactivate ShortPixel the WebP or AVIF images disappear, why?  When I try to install your plugin, I get a 500 error. How can I solve it?  When I try to optimize, every image gets a 503 error. Can I fix that?  Where exactly does ShortPixel store the data on the database?  Where is my API key? How do I use it?  Where is the backup folder located? Can I remove it?  Where is this credits usage coming from?  Which WebP or AVIF delivery method is the best for me?  Which thumbnails can I exclude from optimization?  Why am I getting a warning about a conflict with a thumbnail regeneration plugin?  Why are my images automatically compressed?  Why are my images recompressed?  Why are there image.jpg.webp files instead of image.webp files on my disk?  Why aren't the PNGs converted to JPEGs even when I choose this option?  Why can't the plugin overwrite a file or create a backup? What are the necessary permissions?  Why did ShortPixel Image Optimizer spend more credits than what it told me?  Why do I get the message "Efficiently encode images" when using ShortPixel?  Why do I get the message "Serve images in next-gen formats"?  Why does ShortPixel make a lot of MySQL queries? Should I worry?  Why is my image not converted to WebP or AVIF?  Why is the EXIF data removed from thumbnails?  Why is the WebP generation not free anymore?  Why is the option "Process in the front-end" gone?  Why shall I use a WordPress plugin and not an offline tool?  Why should I create WebP with ShortPixel Image Optimizer instead of uploading them manually to WordPress?  Why some or all of the images cannot be optimized?  Why sometimes ShortPixel cannot optimize images on staging websites?  Why the resulting WebP images are bigger than the original PNG or JPG files?  Will backup images be stored on my own server?  Will my images remain optimized if I stop using ShortPixel Image Optimizer?  Will my images still be optimized if I move my website to a new hosting?  Will the WordPress plugins work on localhost?