Why Should You Optimize Your Website With Respect To Google’s Update?

Google updateThe existence of every website depends on traffic. It doesn’t matter if your site is business oriented or not. The amount of traffic a website receives is usually used to determine or ascertain its level of success.

Websites managed by an eCommerce development company even go the extra mile by joining an affiliate program. They pay people for directing individuals their way. Some even pay these affiliates even if the new visitors don’t respond to the call to action.

Search Engine = Google

Search engines have been the major source of traffic for a long time and it seems they won’t lose their grip anytime soon. One particular search engine that has stood out is Google. It’s not uncommon to hear someone tell you to check with Google whenever you ask them a question they don’t have the answer to.

Everything is on the Internet but most individuals will rather use Google to find what they are searching for, instead of other tools. This positioned Google in a space of almost absolute significance as a search engine. Google has done its part and strives to deliver the best results. Like every other search engine, Google has a set of criteria a website must possess before it can be found among the results given by Google whenever a keyword is searched for. To improve its services, Google constantly updates its algorithms so that it only gives the best of results. This article will tell you why you should optimize your website with respect to Google’s update.


This is a very crude, simple yet very important reason. When your website is optimized considering Google’s updates, you stand a higher chance of appearing as a top result. When your website appears as a top result, it’s likely to have maximum traffic. Most individuals use the internet with the aid of search engines especially Google, as they realize that playing the game of Google is in their advantage.

Quality assurance

When your website appears as a top result continuously, you are establishing the fact that your website provides the best of services. Google’s ranking usually comes from analyzing data and getting feedback from web users. With constant positive feedback, you are assuring web users that they will get the best web experience when they visit your site.

Brand building

There are tons of online shops that do not have a physical boutique but do door to door delivery instead. Despite this fact, people still use them because they have been living up to expectations. A brand is more than a firm or organization producing a good or rendering a service. A brand is something people get value from. One thing that is used as a yard stick for measuring value in business is consistency. Optimizing your website in respect to Google’s update will assure your users of continuous quality and this is an important step towards brand building.

No matter how good a website is, it’s not good enough until someone has visited it to confirm that. One way to project your website into the cyberspace is through search engines. Google is more than one of the search engines out there – it’s the most visited search engine, a tool that plays a serious role in the growth of your website. The earlier you begin to respect Google’s guidelines, the easier will be for you to create a name for yourself in the online world.

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include Elabelz.com, Progos Tech, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.

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