Top 10 Use Cases For Enterprise Mobile App Development

Mobile apps companiesMobile Applications are now a crucial part of the growth of any enterprise. This is because mobile apps are easily accessible, and they can be used to reach a large group of people. Mobile apps actually give the necessary competitive advantage that your company needs so it survives in the tough marketing environment. They also enhance the relationship you have with your targeted audience, which is a crucial thing for the success of any company or brand. Without trust in your products or services, your brand will never be visible enough.

To help you better understand the benefits of these apps we have listed the top use cases for enterprise app development. Let’s find out how you can create a winning mobile strategy for your business!

1. Collaboration and conferencing

One of the main reasons a company uses mobile applications is to enhance the collaboration between the employees. Mobile apps allow the employees to connect with each other seamlessly. And one more benefit of using mobile apps for your enterprise is that it can be a way to transmit your messages to your employees.

2. Scheduling

Mobile application is used for scheduling and for the approval of numerous activities. An enterprise can use these apps for approving time offs and leaves. Let’s make it simple -especially designed mobile apps help employees request leaves or time offs on the go; the supervisor or manager can respond to these requests almost instantly.

Mobile apps time management3. Travel planning

Mobile apps are a handy tool which can help the employees stay connected with the company even when they are traveling. Through these apps the employees can scan the receipts, track the itinerary and much more, while they are taking a trip.

4. Asset Management

Apps are useful for tracking the company’s assets. This is very helpful when they are transferred between different employees or if they are carried by employees when they are traveling. Using the mobile apps, a company can easily track its assets and devices from anywhere.

5. Sale Quotes

A mobile application is also helpful in sales generation quotes. This feature simplifies things for the sales executives who need to deal with hundreds of sales codes. It also decreases the chances of errors as everything is done by computers.

6. Catalogue and Pricing

Enterprises can develop a mobile application for the purpose of creating catalogues for their products. Using mobile apps, an enterprise can design a great looking catalogue consisting of all the product descriptions, images, pricing, reviews and other necessary stuff. This makes the hectic task of catalogue creation easy and simple.

7.  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM applicationA CRM or Customer Relationship Management App is a must have application for any company. These types of apps are designed to manage the company – customer relationship which is the key to any business’ success. Employees can effectively manage their relationship with the customers and they can fix the issues the customers are facing.

8. Work Orders and Signature Capture

Enterprise apps can also be designed to handle the work order and to capture the digital signatures of the customers after the successful delivery of the products. This allows the employees to stay updated with the latest orders and requests of the clients no matter where they are. Along with the order and requests features, these apps are also capable of capturing and storing the signatures in digital format. This saves the employees from carrying a hard copy of the orders.

9. Appointment Management

A mobile app can also serve as an appointment manager which allows your employees to track and view their appointments with other employees. They can also modify or update these arrangements in no time, and this information is then shared with the customers.

10. Presentations and demos

Mobile apps allow your employees to share the products’ descriptions, demos and other data with their clients on the go, as everything can be accessed using the mobile applications.
Now you know how useful and important a mobile application is for the company, its employees, and as well for the customers. A single app is capable of serving various purposes and performs a number of different tasks. Overall, a company can use mobile applications to make the everyday tasks simpler, easier and more accurate.

Author Bio: Rahul Som is the CEO and co-founder of Hopinfirst, one of the top mobile app development companies, which provide best iOS app development and Android app development services. Rahul is passionate about startups, technology and management, and writes frequently about these topics.

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