Practical WordPress Outsourcing Tips For Mobile App Development

outsourcing tipsThere is nothing like handling your WordPress development project yourself. You know exactly what you want, and how quickly you need the job done. But regardless of how good a developer you may be, there are times when you must outsource your project, so you can focus on other core aspects of your business.

Outsourcing your WordPress development project comes with certain risks. If you find an experienced company or team that is willing to work in line with your goals, then this could tremendously improve your business. On the other hand, if you are unlucky and outsource to an inexperienced or unqualified team, then you could have a huge mess on your hands.

Below are some practical WordPress outsourcing tips which you can use for mobile app development:

1. Make sure the team knows by heart your business mission

To ensure that the mobile app development company delivers on your project, you have to share your business mission with them. The team should understand why you are in business, the target population you are interested in, and your goals. This information will guide them during the development of your app project.

2. Communicate effectively

Communication is essential for any successful project, WordPress and mobile app Development included. When outsourcing your WordPress or mobile app project, make sure to communicate effectively with the mobile app development company or team. They should be able to understand what you want to achieve, and when they come to you with questions and concerns you must address them to the best of your abilities.

Although you may not be able to answer every possible question upfront, it’s important to respond to any queries as soon as possible. By leaving questions unanswered for longer periods of time, you put pressure on your own deadline.

3. Start small

Trust is a key element that must be earned and kept. Trusting someone you don’t know with something important doesn’t happen overnight. If you find it difficult to outsource a project, you can begin your journey by starting small. Find a WordPress or mobile app development company with a credible reputation and outsource a small project to them. Your investment should be minimal.

When the mobile app development company is done, do a thorough evaluation of their performance. Check for parameters such as compliance to instruction, timing of project completion, communication during project development, and customer care efficiency.

If for all the above-named parameters you find the team worthy, then you might have a winner. You can go ahead and increase the size of the project and investment, and repeat the evaluation process.

4. Fragment tasks

Project fragmentation is one of the practical tips that can guarantee the success of your outsourced WordPress or mobile app development project. Fragmentation allows you to keep everything in check by handling small portions of the project, instead of taking care of everything at once. Starting small is one of the most effective ways of learning how to fragment tasks.

Fragmenting tasks allows for a more thorough job to be done on each section. Also, it allows for easy troubleshooting, in the event of an issue with the finished project.

5. Maintenance

Quite often when sourcing, people forget to discuss about maintenance and updates. This is very common for first-timers. Their focus is usually on how to get the project done and not on what happens after they deliver the project. It’s essential to clarify from the beginning who will be responsible for handling any issues that may arise after the project is finished; the costs of such maintenance should also be taken into consideration. Whatever you decide regarding maintenance and updates must be clearly spelled out or written in the agreement.

6. Hosting

Hosting is another issue worthy of being discussed. When the project is completed, who will be in charge of hosting? The mobile app development company or the client? Also, if you decide to part ways with the developer, the mobile app development company should be able to provide the backup of your files, in order to facilitate your move to the hosting provider of your choice.

7. Know your terms

For effective outsourcing, it’s vital you know the meaning and differences between important terms and terminologies. A good example is between designer and developer. It’s common for people to mix up the two but these two job descriptions have little in common, although it’s possible to have a designer who is also a developer.

WordPress design has to do with the look and feel of your WordPress website. It’s an artistic representation of what your brand stands for on the web. Designers are often experts at user experience and they tend more towards creativity than technology.

WordPress development, on the other hand, involves taking WordPress design and making it into a technical reality. By looking at the design created by the designer, a developer writes the necessary code to transform vision into fact.

8. Have a project manager

If you are not so technically savvy and you cannot properly oversee the performance of the mobile app development company, then the best alternative is to get a project manager. Your project manager should be someone you trust, someone who knows as much about your business, your goals and ambitions as you do.

Your project manager will be able to keep everyone in the loop and ensure that everything works as expected. Having a project manager allows you to focus on the important aspect of your business. A project manager, by virtue of his experience and training, will be able to take care of everything that arises as promptly as possible. This will ensure that the team doesn’t miss the deadline.

9. Have a contract

This is vital not only when outsourcing a WordPress web development project or a mobile app development project but in every business endeavor. It’s important to have a written contract that covers every aspect of the development team’s responsibilities, both while working on the project and after. Having a formal arrangement eliminates the risk of disagreements and conflicts.

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