8 Ways to Get Your Customers to Actively Promote Your Brand

Customers Promote Your BrandCreating brand loyalty among your clients and attracting new customers is vital for any company’s growth. Building customer retention requires a great deal of effort. Customer loyalty doesn’t just refer to the companies’ ability to perfectly offer their services, although businesses need to develop strong relations with their clients as well.

Customer loyalty schemes consist of more than investing in advertising campaigns. Let’s keep in mind that there are ways to encourage customers to promote certain brands. In this article, you will find ideas to successfully market your brand in order to find new customers without significant investment and you’ll learn how to transform these clients in brand advocates.

1. Include social content in your marketing campaigns

A personalized piece of content can grab your reader’s attention. Brands have started to use this technique in their marketing campaigns. Now, the marketers’ focus is to keep their potential customers engaged, instead of captivating them for a limited period and then losing them. Properly knowing the target audience is their main interest.

The presence of customers in your campaigns makes them believe in your services and systematically generates trust in your brand. Customers are often asked through emails or through social media platforms to provide reviews for certain products or services. These reviews are then included in marketing campaigns that engage other possible clients and make the viewers rely on your brand. Using reviews encourages new customers to try out your products and services.

2. Offer top-notch customer support

When customers start to make your brand a part of their life, they begin to promote it to others through word of mouth and on multiple online platforms. Loyal customers require a brand with high-quality products and impeccable services.
Loyal clients love to participate in different surveys to share their experiences. This provokes potential customers to try your products or services. Also, you need to realize the importance of flawless customer support. Customers remember the experience they had with a product they bought. Therefore, great customer support service makes your customers share their experience with others.

3. Host a gathering

When it comes to creating connections and brand awareness, events play a pivotal role. These gatherings create curiosity and establish social environments where ideas are spread among individuals. Your potential customers can then relive the event and remember the brand name associated with it.

Inviting your guests through handwritten cards along with a gift is surely a good idea. You can customize the invitations by engraving blessings and wishes for your guests’ family members.

Also, you can create a platform where you could share your business stories and introduce your top selling products. Answering brand-related questions and notifying your clients about upcoming products is always a great idea. Use these networking events to show your knowledge in the field and to engage clients!

4. Socialize with your potential customers

These days, a brand remains anonymous without its social media presence. Social media platforms can easily grab the attention of huge audiences. Set your business profile on media platforms and niche related forums and communicate with the users. The more successful you get in convincing the users that your products’ features are great, the more exposure you’ll get. Don’t forget to talk about the many advantages that your product has and how it could enhance their quality of life! Do not over promote your brand through spammy links. Instead, share informational posts that help users perform tasks or show potential clients how a product can be used in a more practical way.

5. Create a Blog

Creating a blog doesn’t require much knowledge and a blog that is linked to your business website is cost effective in many ways. A well-written post on your blog can have a huge impact on your business. Posts on trending topics have multiple benefits and they can help you generate authority in search engine rankings. Blog posts build solid relationships based on trust and they are excellent for boosting your online presence.

If writing this kind of materials is not your forte, then you can simply post quotes, interesting facts or just share the content from other online sources. The key is to update your blog regularly to make sure you’re always on your audience’s mind.

6. Utilize affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting your product through people who get the share of a profit on each successful sale. It is an efficient way to stand out and attract more customers. The commission is paid when the product gets sold so it’s a win-win approach for your brand and for your marketer.

Make sure your products are note-perfect and likable. A successful referral program brings new customers and grows your brand awareness. You can find many sites online that are offering affiliate programs to enterprises.

7. Offer rewards

To boost the exposure for your services or products, why not award your customers with tidbits? People love the extra attention and will ultimately get connected with your brand. The prize associated with your brand is cost effective in many ways. As the prize has the company logo or the company’s name on it, more people will get familiar with your brand and in time, they will be willing to be part of an amazing community. The prizes could come in any shape or form: mugs, t-shirts, eatables or theme-based toys for kids.

Also, you can let people choose their desired reward on each purchase. WooCommerce Checkout Manager Plugin allows you to add multiple fields like checkboxes, radio buttons, and file uploads, etc. to the checkout page. This lets you know how customers want their gift to be delivered. Based on their shipping and billing preferences, you can create a reward scheme and offer them more tempting deals that are difficult to refuse.

8. Get feedback

Do you want to know more about how your company and goods or services are perceived? A survey is always a good idea. Ask customers to give you their feedback, whether they are satisfied with your brand or not. If some clients were not pleased, don’t be afraid to ask them what they recommend.

Asking customers how they see your brand in relation with other companies that offer the same services or products is worthwhile. The more you know your shortcomings, the better you’ll be at improving your clients’ experience. Asking your customers for their feed-back makes them feel that they are connected to the brand. This in turn, will make your clients spread the news about your business.

Final Words

Reward your customers’ loyalty and they will pay you back. Keep in mind that satisfied customers are the backbone of any business. Organize public events, listen to your clients’ suggestions and share their feed-back! If you include your customers in your marketing campaigns, you’ll naturally form strong bonds between them and your company.

Author By: Khawar Abbas is an Online Marketing Specialist with more than 5 years of experience in Digital Media and he’s currently the SEO Executive at Extendons, a leading e-commerce development company. Over the years Extendons has successfully delivered projects in WordPress and WooCommerce shopping cart platform. You can find Khawar on LinkedIn.

First photo: Melanie Pongratz on Unsplash

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