5 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Content Marketing Plan

Marketing planA great piece of content can be extremely profitable. Marketers tend to make mistakes in content marketing and some of these mistakes may get them in trouble. If you are also into marketing, the most important thing for you is realizing your mistakes and focusing on the improvements. These days, marketers consider content marketing a significant source for generating leads.

For an effective marketing strategy, you need to avoid several mistakes when creating your content. Use content strategy wisely for effective B2B marketing, as it can create a huge difference. Here are few content marketing mistakes that you should avoid for a successful content marketing endeavor.

1. Avoiding your target audience/ Targeting Crowds and Masses

If you want to reach as many people as you can, you are on the wrong side of content marketing. Very few of them may be interested in purchasing and you will not be satisfied with the overall results.

In fact, you need to limit targeting a specific audience in order to grab maximum leads. You should be clear and deliberate when choosing who you are targeting. Before that, you should be well aware of the interests and needs of the audience. The piece of content that is tailored to the preferences of your potential customers can bring many great benefits.

Once you are certain, you can create tempting and precise content that will respond to the specific needs of the audience. In addition, it’s always important to take into account search rankings, as search engines prioritize quality and uniqueness. An enriched content that speaks to your audience can create a huge difference. Getting solid feedback requires addressing their needs and solving their queries.

2. Inefficient Keyword Management

Effective keyword managementFirst, marketers need to understand what people are searching for online. Search engines like Google are more inclined towards providing context to web searches. Now searches are performed like “which is the best web development company in Dubai” instead of “best web development Dubai” or “Dubai web development company”. The creation of content has shifted from short to long form and it rankes accordingly. So, that means long tail keywords have considerable significance.

Keyword stuffing and too much marketing pitches can harm the value of your content. It is ideal to use keywords naturally rather than placing them everywhere in your content.

For effective keyword integration, keep an eye on your competitors as well. There are multiple tools like Ahref, Moz, SemRush etc. that can help you spy on your competitors’ marketing strategies. It is a widely used practice by SEO specialists.

Visit your competitors’ blogs and see if they have published new content. Keywords will definitely be there. Observe if the content has engaged a significant number of people. From there you will get an idea about what to do next, you’ll understand how effective the keywords used are, and you’ll know whether you should use them in your content or not.

3. Not having a Solid Strategy

Many marketers still don’t follow a solid content strategy, instead they are inclined towards creating a pile of content that has little to no practical application. The strategy of content refers to the management of the media that substantiates your expertise to structure the content. The good news is it is not difficult to fabricate a well-performing content strategy. First, jot it down on a paper and then start linking elements one by one. It is quite important to document your ideas as once the strategy is done, you will feel the need to prioritize or rearrange some pieces of content.

Content creation is vital for any business to grow exponentially but there should be proper planning to achieve that. Your content should educate the audience on certain topics. First, identify the problem and then offer the possible solutions. If you talk about your products, then put your focus on your customers and target the audience that hasn’t used your product yet.

Effective marketing strategy4. Not Tracking the Results

To know how much exposure your content has achieved, it is crucial to analyze the results of each published content. Measuring the results will let you know how successful your strategy was, and how many customers were drawn towards your brand. In addition, you will find out whether you have reached your target audience or not.

Through integral analysis, you can scrutinize your strategy and make the necessary changes to improve it further. As you become acquainted with the changing trends, you’ll understand which pieces of content got outdated. So, keep in touch with the modern fads and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. Keep in mind that instead of following the trends, most marketers look the other way.

Embellish the content with authentic back-links and optimize the low performing pages of your website. Update old articles with the latest information and remove irrelevant information.

5. Forgetting About Promotions

It is not enough to write top-notch content, relax and wait for maximum user attention. In fact, a well-written content needs proper marketing and exposure to get noticed. Brands that neglect to share the content on the right channels will notice helplessly as the content fades into insignificance. As the internet is full of informational content, your content needs to be secured and this can only be achieved through promotion on multiple channels.

Make sure your content appears on all the proper social media channels and other forums. As many users will stumble upon the content, the chances of them getting diverted towards other areas of your business increase.

Final Words

Search engines love to elevate the content that is of high quality, properly structured, relevant and valuable. If you have made these mistakes, your content may get punished by search engines. Focus on creating content that solves problems and always keep in mind that is should be of significant length. To generate more impact, publish your content on social media channels, forums, and blogs. Keep in mind that you can also utilize paid advertising for gaining an instant boost.

Author’s bio: Bilal Imtiaz is an Online Marketing Specialist with 1 year of experience in Digital Media and is currently SEO Executive at Unitedsol, a leading e-commerce web design and development agency. Over the years, Unitedsol has successfully delivered projects in Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla and other CMS/shopping cart platforms. You can find him on the LinkedIn.

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